The Why

It was 2006, and I needed an outlet.  I started blogging way back when people looked at you funny when you said the word blog.  I mainly kept a journal about our road to having a baby.  And what God taught me during our journey.

I blogged when we got pregnant.

I blogged when we moved to Tennessee.

And I definitely blogged when we found out we were pregnant with triplets.

It was somewhere during their 1st year that postpartum depression set in, and I could not talk about it or blog about or even speak about it.  I really just wanted to cry at every blog I read.  I thought _______ was doing so much better than I was doing.  Plus, I was caring for 4 tiny people.  It was hard.  But I wasn’t alone.

To survive, I stopped blogging.  I stopped reading a lot of blogs, too.

I have to say that the Lord walked me through that hard time.  That time when so many little people needed me.  They still do need me, but I am at a different place now.  A place that includes sleep (most nights), a little bit more independence, and yet still very much in the little years.

I have learned a few lessons a long the way, that have helped me A LOT!  And those are what I hope to share here!   And, I really would love to maybe help you?!  I also want to leave these learned lessons and treasures to my children.  Maybe one day when they become parents, they will be able to look back and have a little guidance.  At least that’s my hope.

So, with that said, here I am having learned a little bit, but having A LOT more to learn! I want to be transparent and real and me.  And offer a hand for you to hold along the way.  Let’s journey together sister, okay?


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3 thoughts on “The Why

  1. Wow. What a beautiful read that was. I absolutely love your honesty here. Depression is so real. So many women struggle with it. I am one of those women. I already know that God is going to use you in such a big way. I am grateful for your willingness to come back to something that you had to walk away from at a time in your life where you needed to do what was best for you. That takes such courage. I am inspired by you. Blessings to you and to your family!

    PS- TRIPLETS! How exciting! I am am identical twin! I just think the conception, birth, and raising of multiples is such a miracle!

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