PART 2 – AUGUST 2006

August 16, 2006

Well, 3 more months have passed. Still no baby, but joy is the song of my heart! God has developed in me a peace as I have sought His face. I do not know if I will ever be a mom. Yet, I still have hope and a peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding. God, you have given me strength. Strength to reach out and open up about the struggle I was having. I have been able to share with Sherree and Brooke.

I’ve also been able to prepare and work on our house so much! I’ve gotten all of the office in order as well as gone through all of my clothes and gotten rid of so many! I now am in the process of clearing out the guest room closet as well as the nursery. Once those two things are done, I know the home will be much closer to being ready to bring a baby into it.

I’ve also gotten a job, but haven’t started working yet. I am waiting for the new spa to open up. I think of my time at home with no demands as a time for rest and rejuvenation for my body. I have little stress right now. The only stress I do have revolves around planning for Sister 2 Sister which that in itself is not too stressful.

Also, last night I watched this episode from Dr. Drew on Discovery Health Channel about the creation of a baby. One of the things he said on there was that sperm regenerate themselves every 90 days. If anything happens during those 90 days to damage the sperm-such as making their temperature rise about 97°F, then that can affect the sperm count in a man or their ability to swim. So, from what Chris and I figured last night, He started playing softball once a week last fall. He was wearing very tight sliding shorts at least once a week. So, from that we think spermies were damaged. Good news is that as of last night, that was his last softball game for the semester at least! Yeah, woo-hoo! But, now it may take about 3 months for his sperm to regenerate themselves. So from now August 16th to November 16th, he may be in sperm generation mode. We will see. Hopefully, I will start work soon, and can start bringing in some income, too. I am so excited about life and all that God is doing. He is truly my satisfaction. Thank you Jesus for making me content with where I am in life.

I love you, and am thankful for our relationship!