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  1. Old Roomie!!!!

    Im not even sure how I just came across your website.. I think it was pinterest … Oh my, tears filled my eyes as I read some of your posts. We live somewhat different lives, and obviously were raised very differently, but I still feel that connection with you especially when I read your blog, sense your troubles, and see your heart in what I read. I find relief in writing too!! I’ve been told its a gift. Truly, its a hobby for me and God often allows me to spill my heart out in my writing. He prompts me to do it when I do. He prompts pretty much all of it!! I really really want to connect with you so badly. I don’t want to put my number on here because I do not know how many will see it but please email me so I can respond and catch up with you! I know you are busy busy.. same here.. We have now lived in Kansas City MO for 3 years, after 5 long years in Miami. So much has happened with us both!! I really think God allowed me to see this today. We need to connect soon!!
    Love you long lost friend!
    Your first LU college roommate,
    Carrie :)

    • Carrie!!!!!!!

      We have to reconnect. You emailed me right as I took a break from blogging… will email you back in the near future!

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