The Triplet’s Birth Story Part 1

I feel like I’ve already forgotten some of this day (:-( ), but the excitement and magic will always live in my heart! I want to record what that day was like so that I can remember the details. I love reading birth stories, and I love going back and re-living Harper’s when I read it, so hopefully I will be able to recall all that happened.

The day began at 5:15 am. I slept great that night after some help from Benadryl! I woke up, took a shower, and brushed my teeth – being very careful not to swallow any water. There were a few last minute items that I had to get together. I finished packing and had Chris load up the car. I went and told mom goodbye, then I went to peek in at Harper and whisper that I loved her and that she was about to become a big sister! We got in the car and left for the hospital around 6:50 am. We had to be there by 7:30. I was very excited!

Here is my last belly picture before heading off to delivery day… 35 weeks exactly.

Once we arrived, we checked in at Baptist Hospital. The girl who was registering us was so excited to be registering triplets! We were her first triplets… haha. The cool thing was we were able to share our story of what God had done in our lives from trying to get pregnant with Harper to our surprise pregnancy to a miraculous pregnancy to July 16th – our boy’s birthday! She was in tears by the time we left her…. giving glory to God! What a great way to start off our day!

We were taken to the waiting room to wait for our nurse. We were in there with two other couples and they were definitely looking at my giant belly. No one ever asked me, but I know they were thinking I was huge! (The last few doctor’s appointments I always had people asking me how many babies I had in my tummy. Everyone thought twins and about fell over when they heard I was having triplets) As we were waiting, I remember how torturous it was to put a starving and very thirsty pregnant woman in the same room with vending machines. I remember looking at all the juices wishing I could just drink a little bit!

I got to our room and put on my hospital gown and climbed into bed. I cannot believe how quickly things moved at that point! Two nurses came in and began to prep me for the c-section. They put monitors around my belly to find all the babies and their heartbeats. They also were monitoring my contractions. My IV was started and I was given knee high stockings that covered up my cute blue-toed pedicure a friend had given me, but they were supposed to prevent blood clots, so I guess it was okay 😉 I was also given prilosec and reglan to help with nausea during surgery, and I got to drink water to take these… aahhhh, so good!

After I was prepped, our parents started to arrive. We got to spend some great time with them laughing and joking. While waiting we got to see Dr. Kang, my wonderful doctor! And we got to meet the anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetists. They were all great and made me feel very at ease. I almost thought that mom wouldn’t get to see me before I was taken back, but she arrived a couple minutes before they came to get me. Everyone circled around me and prayed for me before I got taken back. Chris prayed over me and the babies, and thanked God for such a wonderful blessing of being able to experience this! Right as he said amen, the nurses came in and said it’s GO TIME! What an awesome moment.

stay tuned for more…

6 thoughts on “The Triplet’s Birth Story Part 1

  1. Thank you for calling me!!!!! It was so good to hear your voice! Thank you for your sweet encouragement and prayers. Can you believe we’ll have 8 children between the two of us?!?

    I loved reading this birth story. God’s goodness was written all over it. Thank you for being an expression of His joy and love!

    Love you and can’t wait for more!

  2. I don’t know why but I got tears in my eyes when you mentioned your husband praying over you and the boys…typing it I got teary again!

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