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Give Away is now closed.  Thank you to all who participated!!!


Hey Y’all!!  Welcome to Hope Filled Home!  This purposeful blog has been a dream in the making for a long time.  And now, here she is!  I’m so glad you have come to visit!  Make yourself at home.

I’ve been praying over this blog for a while.  You can read my why behind creating it up in the menu.  You can also meet my precious family in my About Me section.  Scroll through some previous posts to be introduced to different portions of this blog.

With this launch, I have my first giveaway! Yippee! It is an Emily Ley 2014 Planner with a sticky (post-it note like) notepad booklet.  I am super duper excited about this giveaway!  I heard about Emily Ley from my friend, Brittany, who used to come to my house on Wednesday nights and babysit my kids WITH me. (Yep, I didn’t leave the house.  I just needed help!)  She would help with the kids when Chris was at church.  And in between pizza and baths she told me all about Emily Ley, and how she was IN LOVE with all of her cute stuff.  So, of course I had to go on a hunt.  And I fell in love with her, too!

PRE-ORDER The 2014 Simplified Planner® / DELIVERED IN MARCH

Pic from Emily Ley

But, the story goes on.  Probably around the same time I discovered Emily, Lara Casey (one of Emily’s BFFs) had become dear friends with my sister, Nancy Ray.  I was finally able to meet Emily (& Lara) this October at Making Things Happen! I felt like I had known her forever!  We share a heart for family and healthy marriages, for mamas and their babies.  She is so very precious.  You would love her instantly!

I have been using my planner this past month, and I want YOU to have one, too!  I wish I could give one to each of my readers!  I LOVE this planner so much!  Some of my favorite things about it…

  • the pretty colors = HAPPINESS!
  • The way each day has it’s OWN PAGE, to do list, notes, and dinner plans spot!
  • And, my most favorite thing of all..a tiny little box to jot down your favorite memory of the week on Fridays.
  • Oh, and the first page is go to dinner ideas!

I squealed when I saw it the first time!    I  mean… what can I say, she is speaking my language!

Here is how you can enter to win one of these beauties…

  1. Leave a comment here and tell me what you are most excited or most curious about from Hope Filled Home!
  2. Follow me on Instagram (@hopefilledhome), re-post my Instagram picture with the hashtag #hopefilledhomelaunch .  (Just know if you have a private account, I will not be able to see your picture.  So either unlock your profile for a bit, or just leave and comment here and know you will be entered! Thanks!)

Each step will give you a single entry.  If you do both steps, you will be entered twice.

Hope YOU win!

Before I go, I must give thanks to a few darlings who have helped me get this blog up and running.

  • Nancy & Will Ray – thank you for answering all of my questions and helping me figure out how to build this little internet house when I thought my brain might explode!
  • Emily Ley – thank you for my amazing banner! And for your encouragement!  And for making the best planner known to man!
  • Lara Casey – thank you for giving me the kick in the pants to actually do this, and for helping me believe that my story matters!
  • Darrel & Amy-Jo Girardier – thank you for your encouragement and answering my questions. Y’all are the pros!
  • Chris – thank you for encouraging me and supporting me in this.  I would not be able to do this without you believing in me.  And I can’t wait for you to add your wisdom and humor to this blog!
  • Grandma DeeDee – for your help watching the kids!  I am sooo thankful for you!
  • Harper, Warner, Crews, Maverick, and Haven – you are the reason that I write.  You are living miracles.  I love you and promise this will never take place over you.

Thank you for coming to visit!  I hope you have a blessed Monday!!

{Contest will run until next Monday when I choose a winner and announce!}





164 thoughts on “Welcome and A Giveaway: Emily Ley Planner

  1. I’m excited to hear more about raising small children. You obviously have a lot of experience. 😉 It’s nice to hear about other’s experiences because it helps me to not feel like i’m completely failing. Support is a wonderful blessing, even if support only comes in the form of reading that other mommas are struggling or have struggled and this is what they’ve tried. Sorry for the rambling, i don’t get a lot of sleep….

  2. As a brand new mom I’m looking forward to gleaning some mommy wisdom from you! Trying to navigate this TOUGH world of a newborn isn’t easy, and I love hearing how there like you have survived the early years! :)

  3. Hi Mary Lindsey! I am looking forward to growing in my faith as you share about yours! Your encouragement and daily reminders will be such an inspiration to me as I continue to go through college. Yay for your new blog! (This will also be helpful for me as I start my own blog coming soon! (: xoxo

  4. I am most excited about you golden nuggets of insight on wifedom, mommydom, homemaking on a daily basis, and keeping sane and happy in it all! Love you ML and am SO HAPPY for you!!!

  5. Congrats on the blog launch. I’m excited to learn from someone a little further along in the parenting journey, especially on parenting boys. I have 2 little guys at home with me (3.5 and 15 months) and sometimes they just seem so foreign to me, like when they are wrestling. :)

  6. Loving your blog and looking forward to your encouragement. Thank you for sharing your life and hopefulness!

  7. Mary Lindsey, over these last few years your blog has blessed me and been so uplifting to me when I have felt lost in these little years. Thank you for sharing these details of your life because I constantly say to myself, “I can barely do life with 2, how the heck does she do this with 5?” I am in awe of you!! Can’t wait to keep reading.

    • You are so sweet Nicole! And, why do we live like 30 minutes apart and never see each other?! This seriously needs to change!! :-)

  8. Gosh, where to start! Congratulations on your new launch of your website! I chuckled out loud when you mentioned blogging in 2006! I’ve also had blogs on and off since 1998. Before Myspace and Facebook. When I started, most of the bloggers were cam girls and some how most of them are my dear friends today. The internet is a wonderful place, with that said it sure has changed. My favorite social network back in the day is Livejournal.com (how i met all of my online friends & the cam bloggers). One great one still blogging is stvlive.com and her grown up Mama one, imagineourlife.com.
    I mention all of this because after reading the “Why” section of your blog, it had me thinking back in the day when bloggers were more Authentic. I give you much credit for being your authentic self and I just got this feeling from reading one bio of you. Just THIS morning I was on Emily’s site again, drooling over her calendars and getting excited for her new ones. Sounds like a big leap but a good one. Can really see why the two of you crossed paths.
    Everyone always says they really want something. Of course I do want one of her planners, I also NEED one in my chaotic stressful life. Last Aug I quickly packed up 50% of my belongings, my fur kids to move away from my soon to be twice cheating husband. I moved from MN to CA for him and then moved away from what I now feel was my home, CA. Am jobless, otherwise would have bought one of her planners already. The fact that it has the word “Simplified” in it, I was sold in December. If this planner can seriously help me get my life and head back on straight, I will owe her and you my life! Heck, I tried to order a moleskine planner AND it never shipped! Just want one place to write everything – the side jobs I have, its all disorganized and never remember to check this or that tab or notebook! OR planner app – been there done that x 40! Doesn’t work! Am so deserparTe !!!

    With all of that said, I am now following your blog through feedly. Am excited to see where this venture takes you, as well as hearing stories that most women can relate to. It is your new baby, it will be great! Cannot even tell you how many times I’ve had “create a website” on my to do list! Have had my friend (linked to) design 3 biz related web sites for me but because my life was always hirrible with the so called husband, I never had enough brain power to finish through. Then there is depression, girlfriend….could talk hours about this topic!

    I’ve rambled enough…like I mentioned in my IG comment I have all toes fingers crossed and my fur kids have their paws crossed! Will be a life SAVER!!! It will be the tube I hold onto to save my life. Literally. Thank you for this opportunity! xxx Meltoids

    • Thank you so much Melissa for taking the time to write such a sweet and encouraging comment! Saying a prayer for you as you are taking charge of your life – you can do it even if you don’t win this planner, but I hope you do! I will be using the random # generator to choose the winner. Blessings to you.

      • Thank you for your reply, very sweet:) And Thank hou for your prayers! Much needed! Hope the blog is getting tons of attention, looking forward to reading it with the rest of my daily blog reading list.

        Wishing you much success!


  9. I am a retired grandmother and now enjoying reading blogs, scrapbooking, reading, and volunteering my time. Hope these are your best years in your new calling! Would love to win an Emily Ley planner too! I found you, by the way, on Instagram!

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  11. An endorsement by Emily Ley speaks volumes!! Wife, mom and now blogger? Sleep much? :) Excited to follow your journey. Congratulations on this new chapter!

  12. I feel so blessed to have found your wonderful blog and am excited to hear how you and your sweet husband keep God as the center of your marriage and family. Thank you for your heart and willingness to be transparent. ❤️

  13. Mary Lindsey, congratulations! What a fantastic achievement. People always say the first step is one of the hardest. (And I’m inspired, big time, as I keep thinking/procrastinating/delaying regarding rebranding myself). The gold-foil-style ‘hope filled home’ header is beautiful – simple and lovely. I too have fallen in love with Emily Ley, Lara Casey, and your sister Nancy Ray, which was how I came across you on instagram. I often pop in to see your latest thoughts. I may be single and childless at present, but I know I can learn a lot from you (and indeed already have). You seem to have such good perspective and balance – impressive at the best of times – but certainly while being wife, plus mother to five. (Five! My hat goes off to you many times over). I have no doubts you’ll prove to be a ‘big sister’ to many. I certainly want to know what life is like in the next stage, and your shared wisdom will help encourage and guide. Wishing you and your family all the very best x

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  15. I really enjoy reading Emily Ley and Lara Casey’s blogs. Love your quote about realizing that your story matters. I look forward to reading your more of blog and gaining some insight on how to balance family, children and marriage. :) Thank you for this great give away- The Simplified Planner looks amazing!

  16. Happy to have found your blog. Looking forward to your posts about tips, suggestions and inspiration to study the Bible. Congratulations on your launch and Cheers to a successful blog!

  17. Most curious to simply see how you balance life with several young kiddos and how you keep your relationship with The Lord consistent and fresh. Daily challenge for me!

  18. I’ve found your blog through Emily Ley and very much enjoying it at the moment. I’m looking forward to your stories about your family and meal planning. As married person without any children, I’m looking forward to any tips from this that I can store away for future use :) It’s a very generous give away too

  19. Well done on starting your blog! I am not sure how you get time for it in between raising such beautiful kids…looking forward to seeing and reading more about you and your family! What a lovely give-away too xx

  20. As a mother of 5 children, I am smiling warmly thru your Instagram posts, remembering those days when my own kids were little ones. You will bring so many blessings to other moms by sharing your journey. Thank you for stepping out in faith.

  21. My husband and I both went to school with Nancy and Will and I have met you sometime ago along the way :)! I have always loved following you on IG as I am a mommy to and thoroughly enjoy the precious time you enjoy spending with your kiddos!! Of course I would love a Emily Ley planner but above that, I’m excited to gain some knowledge and encouragement from you daily :) Praying for blessings for you and through you with this new blog!

  22. ML! I’m so excited you’re back to blogging!!! I love reading about your sweet family!!!! I have so many fond memories of our BL youth group days and meeting at your house for Bible study on Tuesdays!

  23. Hey girl! Just wanted to comment on how happy I am that you are back blogging and I look forward to catching up with your sweet fam this way!

  24. I am so excited to see how you balance children, household chores, marriage and faith. So much on your plate and here I was thinking mine was full! I have been eyeing the Emily Ley planners for a while. I have seen a few friends I know with them and they all exclaim how much they love them. So happy to see you back blogging!

  25. So super excited! Have always loved your real words of struggle and encouragement. Am always strengthened by your reliance on Him. Can’t wait to follow your blog!!! With a third on the way I need all the help I can get. Haha ~Lauren

  26. I am excited for your new journey! You are filled with such grace, and I can’t wait to read about how God is working in your life, and how you apply it to being a Mom, teacher, wife and friend! Go, ML!!

  27. Congratulations on the re-launch of your new blog!! I’m most looking forward to reading about a transparent and inspirational life blessed by the Lord. I am a blogger myself, and I too hope to create a space that encourages and inspires positive action and thought. I look forward to reading how your story unfolds. Twists and turns included. Good Luck mama!! 😀

  28. What a great story you have to share. I’m most interested in how you find balance in life with your beautiful children and how big families budget. Best wishes on your launch!

  29. I love your planner and was just hearing more about it from a dear friend—so now I feel like I HAVE to have one! I would love a chance to actually get my hands on a planner and use all of the fantastic organizing goodies to help me stay organized!

  30. Congratulations, Mary Lindsey. I am so glad you are blogging again because I am definitely looking forward to more of your precious stories and entertaining adventures. I know this will be a great resource once my husband and I decide to grow our family :)

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