Some Home Decor Part 2 {21}

I LOVE bright colors – green, pink, orange, yellow, blue!  I really wanted my kitchen to be a fun color, so I went with this green & surprisingly Chris liked it!  I have big plans for our house with all the colors – tastefully done though.  of course.  The night before we painted (much thanks goes to my Dad, Leslie, Ryan & Reba!!!) I *HAD* to see what the color looked like!  It looked so yummy I could just take a bite out of my asparagus walls! BTW… I love asparagus so much.  One day, my lunch was just a plate of asparagus.  Seriously.  Even though it does do stuff to your wee wee. (did I really just write that on my blog?)  Anyway, back to my delicious walls…
And then, I know a fabulous seamstress, JoEllen Taylor.  :-)  She has started her own business now of doing window treatments & other miscellaneous home items (bedspreads, pillows, shower curtains, etc).  She will soon have a website, so I will post a link.  But, she made these for me!  And, she is in the process of making a cool Roman Shade for our back door & more window treatments for the living room!  I will post those once she’s done!  Anyway, here they are… the finished look.  I am quite pleased. 
I just need Nancy’s camera to take a pic of my whole kitchen like the one HERE.
Okay… see you tomorrow~

5 thoughts on “Some Home Decor Part 2 {21}

  1. These are the exact colors of my bedroom, and they are my wedding colors! Love them!
    -Jamie Whitehead

  2. Wow what a difference that paint makes! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! The valance is very cool and the fabric you used…CLASSY!

  3. Well good to know about JoEllen….. Moving into a new blank canvas with a lot of windows. So tell her for me that we will have to get togeather when I move up there. The house we have picked is about a mile from Lori Beth. Love the daily blogging….. The kids are getting so big. Can’t wait to get to know them in person. I feel like I have been able to peek inside there lives thru this blog. Thank You, Donna

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