Boys 9 Month Check Up {20}

On Thursday we took the boys to the doctor for their 9 month check up.   
(I could not get this picture to flip….arrrgggg  It was taken on a phone :-))
They are doing great!  For the first time since they were born, they all weighed the same number!  Crews is usually lagging behind by a pound or two, but he had caught up!  Here are their weights:
Warner – 21 lbs. 11 oz
Maverick- 21 lbs. 10 oz
Crews – 21 lbs. 0 oz.
They are all in the 60th – 65th percentile for their weight & are 90th-95th percetile for their height (30″-31″).  We have some big ole boys!
As of Thursday, all 3 are crawling!!  They roam the kitchen in a pack.  It is quite funny.  I just tried to video them crawling around & my video died… bummer!  I will try to catch it later.  Maverick was the first to crawl, and he has become a very speedy and efficient crawler.  Warner started crawling about 3 days ago and he crawls like a 3-legged puppy.  He drags his right leg behind him and pushes himself along with his right foot…like a flipper.  It will make you laugh out loud.  And Crews just started crawling today, and he crawls like an inchworm.  They seriously are the 3 Stooges. 
As I write this I am cracking up as they try to attack Harper.  She is having her diaper changed by Daddy on the floor.  Maverick just crawled up to her and planted a big slobbery kiss on her forehead.  The other two… Gimpy & Inchie just made it to her.  She is squealing like a pig and not liking it one bit!  She just jumped up and told them “buh-bye!  Have a good week!” (you know, because we say that all time??)
Oh, the boys also had to have blood drawn at the doctor.  They were the best babies!  Maverick and Warner hardly cried at all!  Crews did cry mainly from being held down, but was fine as soon as we let him up.  We had to have blood drawn to have them tested to see if they are IDENTICAL!!!!   So, we should know within the week or month…they couldn’t tell us how long it would take because this is the first time they have done this!  I’m sooooo excited to find out! (even though it won’t really matter what the answer is… I will finally just KNOW)  Now that they are a bit older, what do yall think?
Here are some individual updates:
Warner:  You were the second one to get a tooth.  You have 5 teeth now.  2 on top and 3 on the bottom.  You have been rebelling against sleeping through the night lately, but I think it is because you are teething.  You usually quiet down once you get some tylenol or motrin.  You have been very snuggly lately and love to cuddle in the middle of the night.  Once I’m out of the bed, I LOVE this time.  However, when I’m still in the bed & trying to figure out what that noise is that I hear… not so much.  But, the reward is great once I pick you up and you settle down while sucking your thumb. 
Crews:  You were the first one to get a toofer.  JoJo found it with a spoon.  You now have 4 teeth.  You are a little squealer and you know you are funny.  I can’t wait to see if this part of your personality continues to develop this way.  You are fiesty and do not like ANYONE in your space.  If your brothers or sister touch you, you scream like you’ve seen something terrible and then I know someone is up in your grill. So, I come rescue you.   But, you are a cuddle bug with Mama, and usually very happy.
Maverick:  You were the last to get a tooth, but not far behind W – maybe a day or two.  You were the first one to crawl.  You were actually crawling for about 2 weeks before the other two caught on to that novel idea.  You are a people person, and LOVE for anyone to talk to you.  You are the one who always laughs at me when I’m trying to get all 3 of you to laugh… I can always count on my Macky to make me not feel silly.  And, you rarely are the fussy one now that you can move.  You said my name on Saturday, and you knew it was me.  You crawled up to me, and even though you were fussy, you stopped at me feet, looked up to me and said “Ma-ma.”  I forgot how amazing that sounds – the first time you hear your child say your name. 
While I will say having triplets is kind of like trying to swallow a tidal wave, I love you boys so much.  You have caused me to grow in so many ways that I never thought I could.  Thank you for giving your mommy grace, and still waking up with a smile even though I may not be able to rush to your side right away when you are upset.  You amaze me every single day.  I love being your mommy!

7 thoughts on “Boys 9 Month Check Up {20}

  1. I am still just amazed how well they are doing…don’t see that much with twins! God has truly blessed you. :-)

    I also can’t decide if I think they look identical! Sometimes they do and then sometimes not…but that could be a difference in personality, too. :-)

  2. they are so cute! i can’t believe that you can tell them apart, but i love that you know their tiniest personality quirks. so special.

    oh, and did you get my email a week or two ago with a note from my cousin?

  3. Loved this post, ML! I think its so neat that you shared about their individual personalities and that you called them “Gimpy” and “Inchie.” Priceless! Can’t wait to hear the results of their identical testing. They look identical to me!

  4. This was beautiful ML. Thank you for sharing this time with everyone. I laugh out loud, smile and just sit in wonder at your precious family. Hugs from Georgia-

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