My Favorite Things: Skincare

Back in 2006, I went to ‘beauty school’ and became an aesthetician.  I worked at a spa in Georgia for almost 2 years, and loved it!  I found out I was pregnant soon before Chris and I were called to move to Tennessee.  So, I stopped working then.  I loved giving facials and waxing.  Helping someone feel better about themselves always makes for a great day!

When I went to school and then worked in a spa I had an amazing skin care routine, and my skin was so healthy.


While in the little babies phase of life, I needed something that was quick!  I didn’t want to keep a time consuming skin care routine – I wanted to sleep!  And I couldn’t spend a lot of money – we had diapers times 4 to buy!  So when,  I discovered the simplest form of skincare, I have been using it ever since!

I don’t remember where I first read about it, otherwise I would give credit where credit is due.  Basically, I use coconut oil to remove my make up and wash my face.  It is crazy and cheap and simple.  To do this,

  • put about a nickel- quarter size of coconut oil (or olive oil) in your palm.
  • Do not wet your face first.
  • Rub the oil directly onto your face.  Even if you are wearing make up.  It feels soo wrong! hah!
  • Massage all around – especially your eye area.
  • Wet a wash cloth with really warm water and place washcloth on your face.  Allow it to just sit on your skin for a few seconds.  This feels so good.
  • Then wipe off oil & make up with a very warm wash cloth.  Some oil will remain on your face.  In the summer, I use just this as my moisturizer.  But, I have really dry skin and find I need a little bit more during the winter.

It feels so weird to just rub oil on your face, but it actually makes sense.  In school, we learned that your skin produces oil via the sebaceous glands. The oil is actually a protective barrier to the skin.  Without getting into more specific skin problems (severe acne, cysts, etc),  the pores can get bacteria in them when your skin is unbalanced, which leads to zits and sometimes cysts (when the bacteria gets trapped).

When your face is stripped of oil, it actually leaves those pores even more vulnerable to having bacteria enter into them. When you are putting the oil onto your face, you aren’t stripping any oil off of your face.  The make up is dissolved by the oil, and wiped off with a warm washcloth.  The protective barrier is still in tact.  I noticed less break out when using this method!2013-08-22 15.14.50

To exfoliate about 1-2 times a week, I use baking soda made into a paste and gently rubbed all over my clean face.   Then, splash clean with water.  Follow with moisturizer.  My current favorite is DoTerra’s Hydrating Face Cream.  Yummy scent and amazing hydration!

I also use Vaseline under my eyes and around my lips.  At least it helps with the dryness, and could possibly prevent some early aging.

While searching to see if I could find the original article I read, I did come across this article that speaks more to combining different oils for your skin type.

I do still use this method, but I am also on a hunt for some anti-aging skin care, too.  (Trying Nerium, currently.  And I have a friend who sells Rodan and Fields)  Until I try it out and find my favorite one, I will keep this one up! Do you have a favorite skincare routine?!  Have you tried this crazy method?!

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  1. Ha! This is exactly my routine! Amazing. I love coconut oil–I also oil pull with it, do you? Girly, I just think we would still be best buddies if we lived close!

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