Making the Switch

{Oh what a beautiful morning!  The windows are open, the boys have been fed & it feels like fall is in the air (but I’m also happy that its not *quite* here).  I’m not finished with summer yet!  The break in the heat wave is just delightful.}
We have been working on switching from bottles to sippy cups.
Maverick and Warner (green & yellow cups) are doing great with the switch.
Crews isn’t too happy about the new cuppy.  As usual, he likes to do things in his own time.  
We are down to 2 bottles a day, and I think the boys will do better dropping their night night bottle before their morning bottle.  
I guess their morning bottle = a cup of coffee.  
They are so grouchy with out it.
I like to think that we are drinking coffee together.  :-)
If they take after their father, I will have no one to drink coffee with me when I am old.
So, I will enjoy it now – ha!
And I couldn’t resist showing how big our girl is getting!  She can flip the light switches all by herself!
Why oh why do they have to grow up?

Hope you are having a lovely July Day!
And I hope my family is having a great time at Lake Gaston!! 
I wish we could be there with you… 
can’t wait until next year.

2 thoughts on “Making the Switch

  1. Look at your cuties using big boy cups! My two gave up the morning nursing last, so that might be the last one for yours to give up too. But don’t worry, as they get older, they just switch from drinking milk to OJ or hot chocolate, which mine sometimes call their “coffee”… melts my heart!

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