Floors and Swimming

Y’all are so funny!  All your comments about my floor.  Thanks :-)  So, one thing that I have going for me is that we are in a new house.  The floors are beautifully shiny!  To maintain the shine, I do 3 things. 

1.  Let the babies eat crumbs.  I know it sounds like I treat them like dogs.  Not really.  Its just that they are so stinkin’ fast, it is hard to fish everything out of their mouths!  So, I just let them ea and don’t stress about it.  I watch them like a hawk (most of the time) & have had to sweep their mouths of many many things they shouldn’t eat (plastic wrappers, tags, rocks, etc), but a few left over crumbs – no biggie. 

2.  Sweep.  I try to sweep daily, but it doesn’t always happen. 

3.  A hardwood floor cleaner, Bona.  I had been cleaning my floors with just a little bit of water & a cloth, but when my mother-in-law got me this and oh my word, it just shined my floors right up!  I also use a flat microfiber mop. All I have to do is spritz (I love that word!) on the Bona & then wipe it clean with the mop.  I try to do this about 1 time a week. 


Tonight I took you swimming for the first time.  I didn’t bring my camera because I thought you would be hanging onto my neck for dear life.  However, I was so proud of you because you were a little fishie.  You started off being a little scared, but one you got in, you kicked your legs, splashed your arms, and even blew bubbles in the water.  You loved spinning around as fast as I could go.  I am so proud of you loving the water. I think my favorite part was just being so close to you – face to face – and seeing the magic of experiencing something new through your eyes.  It was amazing.  I won’t ever forget it. Hey, once you get really good at swimming, I will teach you some synchronized swimming moves (I was on a synchronized swim team for a year in college – the Aqua Angels)!!  Ha!

Aaaaannnd, I am also so proud of you because you went wee-wee in the potty while we were at the pool!  Operation Potty Training here we come… well, not until we get back from NC, but we’re headed that way!

I love you so much~