If you were to drop by my house at any random moment, my kitchen will more than likely look like this.

I think the blurry-ness of the picture adds to the chaotic feeling. :-)

And that used to stress me out to no end.  I want to offer a beautiful, organized home.  I used to have one.  A place where it looks like I was just waiting for you to drop by!  I want you to feel special!  A place where there is a cup of coffee waiting to be shared! 

Here is what the Lord has been showing me. 

People are more important than messes.


My children are more important that having a clean house.  ML, spend time with them and look in their eyes when you talk and not over your shoulder while doing the dishes.

Inviting friends over and sharing food and conversation is more important than having a beautiful {magazine-ish} home to invite them to. ML, invite your friends anyway!
Talking to and spending time with a friend or neighbor for the beautiful creation they are is more important than the {scary?!} mess in their life.  ML, call and talk anyway!  Even when it’s uncomfortable.

People first, mess later.

When I remember back to when Jesus became my everything, I had a yucky 16 year old life.  Nothing to offer to my Maker, the Lord of Heaven and Earth, but a bunch of mess ups, selfishness, and vanity….yet, He loved me first.  He didn’t wait for me to clean my mess up first.  In fact, His LOVE is what cleaned my mess up.  

When I meet people first, the mess isn’t nearly as overwhelming as I thought it would be. 

 Thank you, Jesus, for seeing me and not my mess.

I’m still working on this daily.  It’s a struggle to not cringe at the messes being created every second.  It’s frustrating to get through half a load of laundry folding just to be stopped by a ‘MA-MAAAAA!’ (and then not finish that load until 3 days later) – I’m fighting to not ignore the MAMAAAAAA in order to finish that load.  I have to be flexible.  To be bent and molded and remade.  Not my expectations, but His.   Not my will, but His. 

People are more important than messes.

Oh, and please stop by!  Share that cup of coffee with me. I’m so *wanting* to welcome you to sit and visit with me for a while.  Just know, I might have to wash the cup first!  :-)

We love because he first loved us. 
1 John 4:19

12 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Every time I stop in and check your blog, I walk away feeling refreshed… You’re SO right… A clean house is not more important than precious time with the people you love. Thank you for the reminder!!! I cannot imagine how hard it must be potty training those little guys, with a new baby too. It’s SO not easy…I read the tweet about poop on the floor & my heart went out to you… Praying for you, ML! You inspire me!!!

  2. Loved loved loved this – thank you for this! I love the people are more imporanant than messes be ause I have a bad habit of cleaning when people come over, instead of sitting with them and just enjoying the company.

  3. Great post! I am a Mama of 5 also (age 5-11) and the best thing another Mama of 5 ever did for me was to bring me to her house after a play date (where I was trying WAY too hard to keep everything perfect) and show me her clean laundry, piled over our heads on her kitchen table. She spent the afternoon allowing God to use her to show me exactly what God is showing you. It is beautiful, loving FREEDOM. Nathan, my husband, still calls that day the parting of the waters for me as the keeper of our home. :o)

    Speaking of husbands, I found your blog thru my dear friend Casey Chappell, but now that I am here, your husband looks an awful lot like guy by the same name that my husband use to play softball/basketball with at North Metro in GA. He was in the youth and we were…well…not, but he might remember my brother in law, Brandon Murray, more. Could it be? If so, small world. If not, nice to meet-ya anyway <3 I am always happy to find another Mama to many little ones. Blessings to you! ~Angela Murray

  4. It’s a good post, but it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong/unbiblical about keeping a home clean or organized. I often read posts like these and it’s a good point if you are making your cleanliness or lack of mess an idol, but if not and it’s simply something you enjoy doing and aren’t neglecting your family, I still say it’s totally fine. :) I enjoy cleaning and organizing, for me, it’s fun.

  5. Thanks for washing a cup for us and letting us crash your day! We loved visiting with you and meeting your precious babes! What a joy! Wish we had more time to share with all of you! John really enjoyed meeting Chris! Love you all!

  6. Thanks ML! Love your sweet heart! Wish we lived closer and could chat over coffee, friend! I’d so do that, despite the messes at your house and mine!

  7. What a beautiful, honest, testimony about priorities. I used to struggle with this too, and I only had three little ones to keep up with. Then I realized I was missing out on so many opportunities for sweet fellowship with other women, that I swallowed my pride and invited them over! I loved your picture, the fact that it’s a bit blurry, and the sharing of your sweet thoughts!

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! It’s a good thing for all of is to hear — whether we are moms or not. And know that we don’t care what your kitchen looks like anyways! :) It’s you, Chris & those sweet kids I always want to hang out with. Love you!

  9. I LOVE what you said about looking your child in the eyes when you talk to them, not over your shoulder while you do dishes. GUILTY. Making a conscious effort!

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