Family Update :: Crews


Little love bug, also known to everyone as Crewsie Bug.

pic taken 7 months ago!  by Aunt Nancy Ray

Sweet boy who is so gentle and affectionate.

Here’s a pic from my phone… a little more recent.  

You love giving kisses on the lips.  You look at me with intense eye contact and stroke my hair. Such a little love.  You take care of your Mama.

attacking Maverick with a kiss.  All of you do this to each other. Brother love. :-)

You love to practice whispering.

You and Harper and buddies.  You are always looking for ‘Ha-pa.’ 

melt my heart
pic by Nancy Ray
pic by Nancy Ray

You gave baby Haven the nickname Haby (rhymes with baby) when she came home from the hospital.   I guess ‘baby Haven’ took to long to say.  It stuck…we all call her Haby now.

You love crocs and have to have the yellow pair that used to be Harper’s.

You are talking like crazy now.  You went from saying a handful of words to complete sentences.  I noticed it the week we brought Haven home from the hospital.  We had yet to introduce you to your new sister because the three of you were sick with croup.  However, not much gets by you!  As I was coming out of my room (where baby Haven and I were quarentined) you pointed to the door and said -‘Dares a bebe in dare’  (there’s a baby in the there).  I about fell over!  I clapped and cheered and picked you up.  You looked at me like I was crazy!  After all, you had been ‘talking’ for about 6 months now…only no one understood a thing you were saying!

I love when I ask you a yes or no question you usually look at me and nod and say ‘Yaaaaa’ with your quiet, raspy voice.

I love when you sing the blessing with Harper before meals.

You know all of your ABC’s and can count to 20 and can spell you name!

When I call your name to come inside or downstairs, you yell out ‘I comin’

If you hear someone crying, you run to them and say, ‘whas wong?’

If you get in trouble, the first thing you say is, ‘I deedn’t dooo eeett’ ( I didn’t do it)…and it makes me laugh (terrible for disciplining).

Your baby teeth are so cute.

If you get hurt (even in the slightest way) you always want me to kiss whatever body part was hurt.  You will come running in from outside whimpering and pointing to your elbow, arm, finger.

Ridin on Mama’s back. (I look all googly eyed)
You will bring me Haven’s carrier and say, ‘Crews ride on Mom, or ‘Crews’ turn’.  And I will carry you for about 10 minutes because you weigh about 35 pounds.  You never like for your turn to be over.  :-)

You are my buddy, Crews.  Affectionate and tender little man.   I love you so!

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  1. Hi Mary Lindsey-
    I’m the one you passed a high chair and the double stroller on to…
    I just wanted to thank you again for your kindness. I had two babies all this week and I don’t know what I would have done without it! Thank you for the blessing you are to even strangers like me!

    I love your blog and your sweet little family. I hope we can meet again someday. :)

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