Happenings Around Here

First of all let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your comments from my previous post!  If I haven’t gotten a chance to thank you personally, know that I couldn’t figure out your contact information or I just haven’t made it down the list to send you a thank you.  Y’all are so precious and encouraging.   I wish I could hug each one of you! *hug*

1.  It is a guaranteed fact that if I say I am going to blog about something, I never do.  So, never again will I announce what’s coming up.  Just can’t do it, Captain.  It squelches my creativity.

2.  Harper is potty trained!  My plan was to start this upcoming Thursday.  Well, when she asked to put her panties on this past Thursday, how could I say no?!  I told her she needed to keep Minnie Mouse dry.  She said okay and that was that.  Nap time came & I told her we were going to put a diaper on.  She said she didn’t want to.  I told her she might wake up wet and that was okay.  She didn’t.  We went straight to the potty & tinkle-tinkled!  The rest of the day was great!  That night, the same thing happened about wanting to put on a diaper.  Nope, didn’t want to.  She stayed dry all through the night!!  Woke up that morning and tinkle-tinkled.  Everything went great yesterday, too.  She hadn’t pooped yet, though.  She kept saying her tummy was hurting, and I sensed the ‘poop-fairy’ was hovering.  We had a friend over last night & honestly I think H wanted to hang out more than she wanted to sit in the bathroom. So, I asked her if she wanted to put a diaper on to poop and she said yes.  So, I put one on her and no more that 2 minutes later, the job was done.  Hey, I’m not going to rush her.  I told her I was proud that she knew she needed to poop, but next time lets try the potty.  She said okay.  (we’ll see!!)  I know a lot of kids get hung up on going #2 in the potty, so I will let her do it in her time.  She actually already has pooped twice on the potty.  Once while we were at Mom’s house and once here.  The common denominator???  Aunt Nancy “The Poop Queen” was here.  So, hopefully, Harper will decide she can poop without Aunt Nancy’s soothing voice or pretty face watching her.   I’ll keep you posted.  :-) 
3.  I have been coughing my head off.  I look forward to getting over this virus so I can get something done!  Coughing takes so much out of you that I have no energy to clean up.  I keep the house going & the children fed, but as far as appearance goes, it ain’t pretty here.  Hoping Monday will bring me some more energy!!!
4.  Goals for the rest of August- Labor Day:
*  Clean out under my sink
*  Clean out linen closet & organize meds
*  Organize Harper’s craft drawers
*  Exercise 3 times a week
*  Join Weight Watchers
* Get Harper ready to go to Mother’s Day Out -2 days a week (woo-hoo!!!)
5.  Before joining Weight Watchers, I’m going to enjoy the Chuy’s creamy jalepeno dip & chips that are awaiting me during this peaceful nap time.  Thanks Arica for bringing it to us last night – 
yum yum!!!!
Hope you all are having a lovely Sunday~

3 thoughts on “Happenings Around Here

  1. I love reading your blog! Your blog yesterday about ‘just so you know….’ really touched me. I can relate, but in a different way and I understand how it feels when you are just at the point of exhaustion. Your blog is such a ministry! (Your new family picture is beautiful!)
    Miss seeing you at NMFBC!

  2. GO HARPER!!!!!! That is awesome…they always say they’ll let you know when they’re ready. :-) LOVE the new header! It’s amazing to me how close the boys are to Harper’s size.

  3. Yay for Harper! That is awesome!!

    PS. LOVE your header! Your sis takes awesome pictures…not to mention the cute subjects she was working with!

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