Way Back ‘Whens’day: ‘Multiple’ Roommates

I saw this idea over on Rachael’s blog, and since I’ve been cleaning out photos on our computer, I ran across these.  Here are my roommates from Liberty my Senior year.  
Me, Kristin, Brooke
 I moved off campus the summer Chris and I got engaged.  I took 2 summer classes so I could have just one class to complete my spring semester when I was swimming in wedding plans.  Brooke got engaged a month before me, and Kristin had started dating the guy she would eventually marry.
Our first home to decorate for Christmas
Snow Day at LU
 Want to know a weird fact about us?
Brooke is a triplet (2 girls and a boy).  She has older brothers who are twins…her mom is my hero!  Was then and DEFINITELY is now!
Kristen was the first of us to have a baby…make that babies.  She had twin boys!!! 
And well, you know about me… 
Who would of thought we were such ‘multiple’ friends :-)  

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