…that’s our pooping battle cry!!!

(FYI: A very long post that is filled with lots of poop talk…don’t say I didn’t warn ya!  Read the first paragraph if you want a quick summary… continue to read added details if you want the looong version.)

To sum up the day(Wednesday, August 25)… Harper pooped in the potty around 7:55pm tonight. Yes, I documented the time because that is how much it meant to me. And this poop was initiated on her own.  After a very loooooong day of her rebelling to the idea of pooping on the potty, she finally gave in without a fuss. Well, maybe I should revise that and say, after rebelling to MY idea of pooping on the potty.  Maybe she didn’t need to go earlier & I was trying to hard to make her.  Once I left her alone…success!!

And, here is the much longer version for my records when I need to potty train the boys.  Let’s back up a bit.  I am almost certain my memory will shut this day out.  So, here’s the potty 411 on Harper.  Since Harper was 18 months old or so I have had her sit on the potty before bath time.  She was always very interested when I would go potty, so I would let her try.  She would be so proud when she would tee-tee!  I never made it a big deal, though.  Just let her try here and there.

I bought her princess and Minnie Mouse underwear right before her 2nd birthday.  Every now and then I would pull it out and tell her when she was a big girl and wanted to go weewee and poopoo on the potty, she could wear these.  She would smile and say okay.  I may have let her try them on once or twice, but I told her to tell me when she was ready.  Off they would go and we would put a diaper back on her bummie.

I kind of started freaking out, feeling pressure that i should train her back after she turned 2.  So many of my friends were training their little ones; however, I would always go back to the fact that we would be going to NC for 2 1/2 weeks and I didn’t want to ride on a plane with a newly potty-trained child (and 3 other babies!!).  While we were at my mom’s house, Harper *loved* how the potties were so much closer to the ground than ours are at home.  She could get on and off without a step.  She just about ‘weewee trained’ herself there because the potties were so fun for her.  She would just whip her diaper off, go weewee and ask me to put another one on!  She also did NOT like being wet & wanted to be changed immediately.  I knew that these were very positive signs!  I started talking up potty training while we were in NC – telling her when she got back home, she would be able to be a big girl, wear her panties and go on te potty like Mommy and Daddy. 

While we were in NC, one of the last nights, Aunt Nancy took her to the potty.  Harper said she wanted to talk and asked Nancy to sit down.  According to Nancy, they talked about emotions – happiness and sadness -LOL!!  And, about how when you are a big girl you poop on the potty.  Nancy was telling H that she poops on the potty, and Mommy poops on the potty, and, well, you get the idea.  (sorry, Minks, for outing you…I think she had Will convinced bf they were married that she was the one girl on the face of the earth who didn’t poop…oh, young love.)  Ahem, back to the story…  and then, all of a sudden we here, ‘SHE POOPED!!!SHE POOPED!!!’ coming from the bathroom!  Harper was just as surprised as all of us were!  It was soooo funny!  But it showed her that she could do it!!!  She was ready!!!

Once we got home, I had planned to start training on a Thursday – was actually planning on starting tomorrow, August 26 , so Chris would be home and we could watch her like a hawk.  Well, last Thursday she woke up and told me, “Mommy, I’m ready to wear those panties.”  I had pulled some out and laid them on her changing table the night before to put something away. I forgot to put those back!  So, yay!   I told her she needed to keep them dry.  She did great.  I just let her lead me when she was wet.  I figured she would tell me if she needed to go, or if her panties were wet.  I didn’t ask her at all if she needed to go potty.  She stayed dry & went potty a couple of times before naptime.  I told her we would put a pull-up on for naptime…to which she said no to.  She stayed dry through naptime.  She stayed dry through the afternoon.  At bedtime she wanted to wear panties.  I triple-sheeted her bed (stacked fitted sheet/ then ultimate crib sheet – USC (waterproof)/sheet/UCS/Sheet/UCS/Sheet) so we could have fast middle of the night bed changes.  To our surprise, she stayed dried!!! 

She did have an accident the next night & totally freaked out.  But she has stayed dry since then!!!  I do make her wear a pull-up at night b/c I have been sick & need sleep, but we will soon tackle that! 

Poop has been a bit of an issue. I ended up calling two of my friends to share my potty training woes (which are next to none – thankfully!)  Both had great ideas of prune juice, sticker books, making sure her feet were flat on an object (which I think was the ticket), etc.  It was so nice to have other mommies to talk to about the stress of messy potty training. 

So that brings us to today…well, tonight.  I was, ironically, up to my elbows in poop (the boys’ not hers) when she told me she had to go potty.  I told her she had to go by herself b/c I couldn’t help her.  She went into the bathroom and was in there for a while.  Thankfully, she wasn’t yelling for me to come sit with her.  I think she knew I was at my limit as far as what I could do.  The boys were yelling and I was trying to wrangle them into their pjs.  After a few minutes she yelled, “MOMMY!!!  I did it!!!  I poopooed in the potty!!!!!”  I jumped up (I think I left a baby half naked, but I was soooo excited!)  Sure enough, there was a poop!  We both squealed! After getting all cleaned up, she celebrated by having not just one m&m, not just two m&ms, but a little bowl of m&ms!!!  I told her she could have so many because she pooped on her own! 

It is official!  Since August 25, 2010 at 2 1/2 years old (30 months), she has done fantastic!  I definitely try to keep her fiber intake up.  And, I do have her drink a little prune juice mixed with apple juice each day, but other than that I haven’t had to do anything else!  She is a pooping machine & poops several times a day now!  Very much unlike her diaper pooping.  Just the other day, she told me she needed to go potty.  I was in the middle of doing something I couldn’t leave, so she went by herself.  She was in there for a little while, so I guessed she was pooping & would call for me when she was done.  Nope! She did poop, but she also wiped, flushed, & washed her hands by herself!!  I checked to make sure all was clean – lol!  And she did a perfect job!!!  Where did my baby go?!?  I didn’t think the independence would swoop in so fast!  Well, it is nice not to have to deal with 4 diapers 5 times a day…now, only 3!  :-)

Good job Harper!  I’m so proud of you little lovey!  Have I ever told you that you are the most perfect sister to three little boys?!?!  Well, you are.

Love you, darling
(written on August 25, published on blog Sept. 9th)

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  1. i must say, that was my proudest moment as an aunt! to be there sitting with her the very first time she pooped on the potty at grandma dee dee’s house. that was HILARIOUS. and yes we did talk all about emotions, and swinging on the swings, and wearing big girl panties.

    LOVE you harps! aunt nanshee is so proud!

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