Summer Vacation: Travel Home

We were ready to be home after 2 fun and eventful weeks!  My Dad was so awesome to make the trip back with us!  The trip home was a bit more eventful than the trip there.  I think we were all just exhausted, but we survived and have great stories to tell!!!  We flew from Myrtle Beach to Charlotte, then from Charlotte to Nashville.

The first flight went well. Everyone was excited to be on a plane again. We had fresh snacks, toys, coloring books, etc.  And, the flight was only 45 minutes.  Smooth as can be…other than Maverick pooping. :-)  But, that was at the end of the flight, so we waited until we landed and I could change him easier. 

We had an hour layover in Charlotte & lots to do.  On my list – change the boys, let Harper potty, get something to eat for everyone, and let the boys run/stretch their legs for a little bit.  Well, as soon as we got there, we changed the boys.  Then we found our gate and plopped our 5 bags, 2 double strollers, 4 tired kids, and 3 hungry adults down.  I went to find a potty with Harper.  When we returned, Chris had scouted out some food places at the food court.  The only thing appetizing to this crowd was Burger King.  He had checked out the line & there was a 20 minute wait on food.  I sent him to order as our tiny natives were growing very very restless.  Once the order was placed, he came back and got Harper and Maverick – to take them on a little walk.  I told Dad to stay put with the stuff, and i would take Warner and Crews.  Looking back, I should have sent my Dad with Warner and Crews, but oh well. 

The next 10 minutes could easily be described as my most humiliating public mothering experience to date.   (Note: we don’t go out in public very much).  I grabbed Warner and Crews’ little hands (they had just started to hold hands & walk like civilized little people the previous week or so).  They were so big and cute laughing and smiling while they walked through the airport.  I must say I did have a proud Mama moment as they were doing so well! (Doesn’t the Bible say pride comes before the fall?!?)  We walked through the food court, and a bit further down the terminal until we came to to the moving sidewalk.  I knew better than to even attempt that, so I said okay boys, we need to turn around now.  Oh dear – bad choice of words!  We started to make the u-turn, but Warner and Crews wanted NOTHING to do with it.  They both threw themselves on the ground, pitching royal fits.  Two babies turning beet red and screaming at the top of their lungs.  We were the center of attention.  I tried to grab their little hands and pull them up, but I couldn’t.  I was trying to get them to stop – to no avail.  My attempts were just making them more mad! Neither Chris or my Dad were anywhere in sight, so I had to do this alone.  I grabbed Warner like a sack of flour, then mustered up all my energy & said a prayer for the baby in my tummy and grabbed Crews like a sack of flour – both up under my arms.  They were still flailing, kicking, and screaming.  We had to walk back through the terminal, then through the food court (did I mention it was LUNCH time?!), then through more terminal, and finally to our gate. I was sweating and red as could be by the time we made it to the gate.  I also really wanted to cry, but I didn’t.  I’m sure that I had many ‘ oh bless her heart’ looks.  As well as, many people thinking, ‘ she has twins and one on the way!’  (haha – little do they know!!) 

Anyway, we were all spent by the time Chris returned with the food.  We had to sit at the gate with all the passengers (who I’m sure were dreading the flight by now) and eat hamburgers.  The boys were just done & so was Harper.  I scarfed a hamburger down while trying to feed the others.  There were some very gracious passengers nearby that made me feel much better.  It’s just amazing the people the Lord places in your path.  One elderly lady had had a singleton (one baby) and shortly after had twins.  She was very sweet and telling me to enjoy these days!  Another lady, who was pregnant, came up to ask where I had gotten the boys bags (they were gifts).  I asked her how far along she was & we were both due in December, and both self concious about our bigger than average bellies – ha- this was her 3rd baby!   I was calmed down after the tantrum fun, and we were soon boarding the plane.

This plane ride was 1 & 1/2 hours, and not nearly as nostalgic as the first plane ride.  Poor Dad had Maverick who decided to get his tantrum in while we were on the plane.  (Hey, at least the other 2 got their’s out on land, right!?)  I had Crews & Harper again. Crews slept for about 45 minutes on me (precious boy!)  & Harps was very good – a little fussy, but good.  Once Crews woke up, I traded babies with Dad.  Maverick came back and rode with me & Harper.  We were all so excited when we landed! 

                        The man’s arm with the blue shirt, right across from Chris has 4 kids – 1 girl & 3 boys – 2 boys are identical twins!  He was very encouraging and so kind!  So cool the people God placed in our path!
We were at the very back of the plane :-)
My travel buddies

My dear friend, Arica, was waiting for us at the airport!  She had driven our van, and then helped us load the luggage and kiddos.  She then had a  friend pick her up.  She is so precious!  Dad walked us out to the car, helped us load carseats, luggage, babies, etc. Then he walked back into the airport and flew back to Myrtle Beach!!!!  I’m sure he was exhausted by the time he made it back to the beach – however, I bet those 2 plane rides back were the calmest and quietest he has ever had – lol!

Arica & me
Chris & my Dad – precious.  Love these two men!
Me and my sweet Daddy

As we drove out of the airport, this was the view in the back seat. 

So happy to have visited with family! So happy to be home!

And that is our trip!  I can’t believe I blogged the whole thing!  lol!  Stay tuned tomorrow (Wednesday)… we find out if Baby Blanton is a boy or girl!!!  Pray for us at 10 AM (CST) – for things to go smoothly and for baby to be healthy!  Will report back tomorrow!  WooHoo!

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  2. I totally commend you on taking a trip with four kids while pregnant (especially on a plane. I’m terrified to do that)! I don’t know how you did it. I brought my boys to Knoxville for 11 days by myself and about died! Hardest time with twins to date! I don’t know what it is about traveling with toddlers…but as always, it’s so worth it in the end. Many memories to cherish. By the way, you look AWESOME! So happy for you and Chris. Many blessings to you both. I’d love to get all the kiddos together sometime and let them go nuts!

  3. I am exhausted just reading about your trip back down the terminal with two flailing, screaming boys! How did you ever do that? I guess you were one determined mommy and had no other choice. I applaude you! So happy we got to see you and the boys while you were in NC. Can’t wait to hear the news tomorrow!

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