Summer Vacation 2011: Travel to NC

We are home and recuperating from our fun and busy 2 week vacation to the Carolinas.  I am hoping to do a lot of sitting this week as I am worn out from traveling!  Hopefully that means this little ol’ bloggy will be attended to since I’m sitting down.  :-)

This post is a wordy one as I want to remember what traveling with 4 kids under 4 was like.   I  think if I don’t write it down, I may block it from my memory.  Ha!  It really wasn’t that bad, just very exhausting.

The first part of our vacation started when Mom and Nean (my Aunt, Jean – nicknamed ‘Nean’ by me at age 2) flew here Saturday June 25.  Sunday was an all out day of packing and cleaning while we traded off herding tots from room to room (so they wouldn’t mess up what we had already done!)  Everyone pitched in cleaning (even Nean cleaned my oven & stove!!!)  Harper adores my Mom, so she followed her around everywhere she went while we were getting ready.  Sunday night, my dear sweet friend, Arica came over to spend the night so we could be up bright and early Monday AM to leave for the airport. Another friend, Dabney, came to meet us early Monday morning so we could have an extra car.  She drove Mom, Nean, & our luggage.  Arica drove Me & the kids.  (Chris had already left for summer camp.  He would meet us in NC on Thursday after camp was over)

**Side note: Arica is such a blessing to our family!  We were introduced through a dear friend when the boys were 5 weeks old.  Arica started coming over to help with feedings and our friendship grew from there.  She is definitely part of our family here in Nashville and is like an aunt to my kids.  She is such a servant and has cleaned my house/ taken care of my kids/ stayed with me while Chris has been gone/ etc.  Arica moved from Texas to Tennessee because God told her to! What an obedient heart!  Many times I tell her God moved her here for me!!!  :-)

We were all packed Sunday night, so Monday AM we woke up at 5:30 AM, had the kids ready to go by 6:30 & were in the car by 6:45. It was quite an adventure as Harper threw up on the way to the airport!  Gaaah!  I think she was so excited that she wouldn’t eat breakfast – just had a few sips of my Mom’s protein shake- and then was a little car sick.  I was sooo thankful I had packed an extra set of clothes for her in her carry on.  I thought there is no way she will need these, but I better be safe than sorry!  Yay for overpacking!  :-)  She was all cleaned up by the time we reached the airport. 

We arrived at the airport & unloaded the kids into their double strollers, unpacked the luggage, then un-fastened all the carseats.  We were definitely a spectacle.  We got all checked in & made it through security. The boys pitched a royal fit when we had to take off their shoes to walk them through the scanner thing.  Some sweet lady that we didn’t know stopped to help us put back on all their shoes :-)

We got to the gate, got a bite to eat, and then took the kids to play on a playground set up in the Nashville Airport (genius!!!!!Thank you BNA!)  They had a blast!  These are only pictures I took of our travel to NC. 

Maverick trying to put his shoes back on…oh, how these boys are obsessed with their shoes!
Nean and Warner
Harper and Crews playing (notice Crews carrying around his shoes)

Before we knew it, it was time to board. We changed their diapers very quickly, had a few last bathroom visits, and clanked our way onto the plane.  Mom sat with Harper and Crews, I had Warner, and Nean had Maverick.  Because they are lap children, we couldn’t all sit in the same row (has to do with oxygen masks if needed).  So I sat across from Mom, and Nean sat diagonal across the aisle from me.  Crews was so easy going on the plane, and Harper was, too. Maverick and Warner did a great job, but definintely had their moments.  Nean and I would just laugh and look at Crews and call him ‘Angel Child.’ We survived the 1 hour & 15 minute ride with lots of snacks, books, ice, cups, & a few screams.  I think it went great! :-)

Nancy  & Will picked us up at the airport. Mom and Nean had their cars there, too.  We loaded up the carseats (thank you Uncle Will!!!) and headed to Johnny (my brother) & Megan’s new house!  The boys were at their grouchiest & were super hungry.  Thankfully, Aunt Megan had  picked up Chickfila and had it waiting on us when we arrived!  We managed to not destroy too much of their home, and were soon on our way to the Lake.  But, not without Warner finding a drainage ditch and sitting down in it!  (It had just rained a ton!)  Awesome.  Quick outfit change & we were on our way.

Nancy took me by Jubala Coffee which has the BEST coffee I have ever tasted…and super yummy Liege Belgium Waffles (these aren’t your Mama’s waffles!) but the yummiest dessert/doughnut with a crispy outer shell of pure sweetness!  Harper, Nancy and I shared a chocolate chip waffle and Nancy and I had a Vanilla Latte. Oh yummy – I want some now!  I hope Andrew (owner of Jubala & youth group friend of mine)  opens his second location in Nashville!!!

We finished our drive to Lake Gaston with kids dozing in the car.