Starting Again…again. Gracious.

Hey there!

Well, I haven’t blogged since June.  I have to be honest and say that when I started the ‘renewed’ phase of this blog, I had SO MUCH I wanted to say.  Pretty much every post I wrote and saved (and did not publish) was so wordy.  You would have been hosed down with all the words.  I was overwhelmed and glassy eyed when I would go back to edit and proof read.  I just got stuck.  I became too critical. And so I stopped writing.  I just shut this little part of the world up.

But, I can’t give up on it because it is a stirring.  A deep stirring in my soul.  I’ve been praying over this, and I know God has confirmed to me over and over to keep writing.  So, here we go.  I will keep writing.  I will keep stretching out and coming back to and revisiting until I figure out what works.  I am not giving up!!!

I know I can not keep up with my plan before.  I am starting small.  One post a week.  I can’t even promise a day because life is crazy.   But, I want my life to tell you about the God who is personal and intimate.  I want to share in stories of how I have seen this.  I want to even share stories that don’t have the ending yet.  I want you to come away and see that I am just a human in need of a very big God who sees the tiny me.  And He also sees the tiny you.

Okay, that’s the plan.  Here it goes.

Here is a picture of what life pretty much looks like daily.  I had just crashed into Crews with the Target cart.  He promptly fell on the floor crying in agony because his mother had just accidentally bumped him. Haven always wants to be in contact with me, so she just came and sat.  My mom snapped this picture because it is just so much real life right now.   But, while this chaos consumes me daily.  Jesus offers more.  More life, more joy, more self control, more discipline, more peace (amen!), even more rest!  I have been figuring out how to do this, and I want to share it with you!  It is a process, though, and not a quick fix.  So, pray for me to remember all the little lessons I’ve learned along the way. I can’t wait to begin this journey…again!