Well, this afternoon I had a suspicious feeling I was pregnant. I have been going to bed pretty early this past week, but I thought it was because I was getting sick. Then, my period did not show up, so I had a feeling.

After a delicious GREEK lunch (which I was craving this morning at 7 am), I told Chris I needed to run by the dollar store to get a few things. I picked up some razors, soap, a magazine, and a pregnancy test. I had to ask the man behind the counter for one – so embarrassing! Anyway, I came in the door with my bag of loot and Chris didn’t expect a thing! I put Harper down for a nap, and then went to take my test. With in a minute… sure enough…


I had such a surreal feeling. It took us so many months to get pregnant with Harper… I had many, many negative tests, so when this one came up positive, I was in shock. Chris had to leave for night church, so I decided to wait and spring the surprise on him later that night. (Plus, the Titans were stressing him out, and I didn’t want to tell him our good news when he was upset with his team!) So, after he left, I wrapped the pregnancy test up in a cute little box, and put it under our tree.

Once we came back from church, I told him that I had an early Christmas present for him, and I just couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him.

Chris was completely surprised and delighted!  When I can figure out how to insert a video, I will!


4 thoughts on “SHOCK OF OUR LIVES!

  1. Ha ha ha…if you only knew :) Amazing how much Harper has changed! Love your husband’s reaction by the way…he was so excited!

  2. oh my gosh i am bawling my eyes out! why the heck am i crying so much! i am so excited for you and i think watching chris’s reaction made it totally hit me again…

    you’re having 3 babies!!!!

    i love you.

    aunt nancy

  3. What a great way to tell him the news! And I thought it was so cute how you said “Look at our family of 4″… Little did you know that it really would be: “Look at our family of 6”! Congratulations!!!!

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