Well, its the day after my surgery, and everything went great! I had the best nurses and definitely the best doctor! Yesterday morning I woke up around 8:30 continually reminding myself not drink anything! Mom and I changed the sheets on my bed so they could be fresh and clean when I came back home to crash into the bed. I then took a shower in which I scrubbed myself dry! Yuck – I hate having to bath to the point where your skin feels like it is going to crack! After my shower, I got ready and hopped in the car with Mom and Chris. We left around 10:00. It was such a pretty day outside! I was sort of nervous, but not too bad.

We arrived at the hospital and checked in. I only had to wait a little while before my nurse, John, came to get me. I then had to change into a gown, socks, and blue bonnet. He then did all the pre-op stuff like checking my temp, blood pressure, etc. Then he had to put the IV in, which I was so scared of, but he was awesome! I couldn’t feel it at all! I felt like such a big girl because I didn’t have mom or chris back there to hold my hand :-) (Yes I am 25!) After that, John went and got Mom and Chris to come sit with me while I was having “brunch” (aka the first 1/2 of my IV bag). As I was waiting, the nurse brought me the best heated blankets ever! I told mom I sort of felt like I was being pampered!

While we were waiting in the tiniest room ever, Dr. Frank Cox, my pastor, and Alvin Hobgood, the executive pastor, from North Metro came by to see me and pray with me. It was so sweet to have them come by! I really wasn’t expecting them, so it was a nice comfort to see them! Then, Jo, Chris’ mom came by and she got to sit with us in the tiny room until they came to get me.

Around 12:15, Dr. Wiist, my OB/Gyn, came in to talk to me and answer any questions I had. He is the most precious doctor, and reminds me of the way my grandfather would have been a doctor. He prayed with me before he took me back, which made me, mom, and jo cry! They took me back and kept joking about how they were going to give me a spa treatment. I got up on the operating table, and then they told me they were giving me some sleepy drugs that may make my arm tingle. I tried to lay there with my eyes open for as long as I could. Its so weird because I don’t even remember falling asleep.

When I woke up in the recovery area, Chris, Mom, and Jo were there trying to feed me graham crackers and ginger ale. They told me I kept saying, “I’m so happy” ” I feel so good” and that I kept asking if Dr. Wiist was coming by to see me. I was so warm and cozy when I woke up with out an ounce of pain or nausea! Yeah! Thank you Jesus!

Dr. Wiist informed the Fam, that he found a 2cm polyp in my uterus, and another small one (size of his thumb nail) by the entrance to the left fallopian tube. He got both of them out and sent them to the lab. Hopefully, they won’t grow back – some women are prone to these things. Please pray with me that these won’t come back!

After I finished all my crackers, I was wheeled out to the car. I went right back to sleep and I vaguely remember driving through Chik-fil-A. I got home, ate some of my chicken sandwich, and went upstairs and crawled right in my fresh and clean, cozy bed. I slept until 7pm that night! Drugs are wonderful! My doctor is wonderful, and hopefully there will be a little baby soon! My follow up appointment is in about 3 weeks.. I’ll keep you posted.