Our Hotel On Wheels

This is our stroller.  She’s a big mama and I love her.  She helps me escape!  We try to go on a walk at least once a day.  And, this has been my lifeline when we get out of the house & go to the mall or church.

When we found out we were having 3, our church staff wanted to know what our biggest need was… and it was for a quadruplet stroller.  I researched and found this one through a mom of quads.  It is from Adventure Buggy Company.  They are located in Australia (where my cousin Michael is living right now – Hi Mikey… don’t think you read my blog, but hi & we miss you!!) 

The main reason I love it (other than holding all 4 kiddos) is because it fits through doorways!!  If we had a triplet stroller, no such luck – too wide.  I didn’t want the train quad stroller b/c I didn’t know how we would get it into my car, not to mention it was about $1000 more!  This one folds down nice & neat. (The main part is pretty heavy… but what quad stroller wouldn’t be?!)

The top part comes off & collapses down.  Eventually, we will order a different top specifically for toddlers.  But this will hold the boys for a bit longer!  The top holds up to 55 pounds… we’ve got about 15 more pounds to go!

I think she needs a name… any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “Our Hotel On Wheels

  1. I LOVE it! Finding a multiple stroller is SO hard! But, that looks like a true winner! We never found a triple stroller that worked for us (twins + non-walking toddler). We just didn’t go anywhere without two strollers and two adults :( We call our monster stroller just “Big Red”, and I love her now that my toddler walks :)

  2. Wow, I’m so glad to see a picture of your stroller:) It is a hotel on wheels… Our double stroller we lovingly call the stretch limo. I think yours should be called the double decker (like the double decker busses in London!)

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