Maternity Pictures – Baby #5

My precious sister, Nancy Ray, has taken maternity photos of me with all my sweet babes.  For my birthday this year, that is what she gave me –  a beautiful maternity session.  We had so much fun laughing as she would get me to cooperate behind the camera.  I couldn’t believe how she has become so professional.  I see the goofy, silly side all the time because that is what we bring out in each other.   But, when it was time to take the pics, I was just blown away!  She is so very talented and I love her so much.  My favorite thing about her blog posts are what she writes – well, actually the pictures are pretty good too ;-).  She gives such a very precious glimpse in the lives of her subjects.  I cried when I read what she wrote about me. She is the one I admire and I learn from!  So inspirational and beautiful.  She is an incredible wife, business woman, Jesus-lover, friend, listener, laugher, and I love her so!  

“A true friend is one soul in two bodies.”
I’m just going to send you over to her page to get a little glimpse of our session that day, as well as my other materinity sessions.
Oh, and by the way, I don’t think we’ve properly announced our sweet baby girl’s name on the blog.  
Haven Joy
Haven – I found/ fell in love the name Haven when I was pregnant with the boys.  My sister was in a band, Chasing Salem, when she was in high school & college.  They released 2 CD’s, and on the 2nd CD, there is a song called Home.  I remember it being released when I was pregnant with Harps, and I would listen to it over and over – praying that Chris and I would make a home like is described in the song.  It is a beautiful picture of the love of family as well as the love of our Heavnely Father.  The name Haven wasn’t given to me until I was pregnant with the boys and we were coming up with girl names just in case.  :-)  Chris and I both loved the named, and I think it is fitting for our tiny girl.
Here are some of the lyrics:
Upon my entrance, I am greeted
You were standing, you were waiting
On my arrival, nothing is needed
Nothing required, you just love me
For all I am, and all I’m not
You’re acting just like your Father
Your my shelter, your my haven
your my home, your my home
If no one else ever understands
then, you know and I know

Also, I’m not looking at Haven to be my ‘haven’ – I have that in my Heavenly Father.  However, I do believe that she is the completer of our family, and for that, the name just fits – our home is complete.
Joy – I pray that joy is what flows from her heart.  I pray she brings joy to everyone she meets.  And, I like that since she will be born close to Christmas, it has just a twinkle of Christmas in her name.  
So, with out further ado, I present to you my precious maternity pictures that I hold close to my heart.  Sweet miracles that we are only priviledge to carry for a short 9 months (if you make it that long! ha)
(pictures taken at 29 weeks)
(pictures taken at 25 weeks)
 (pictures taken at 37 weeks)

4 thoughts on “Maternity Pictures – Baby #5

  1. Oh they are such beautiful photos! I looked at them all and I love each of your sessions! How lucky are you to have such a talented sister! And I love Haven Joy, what a beautiful name!!!!! Harper is looking so much like you in the maternity session for Haven. She is such a “little you.”

  2. Aww Minki I love you! Such a sweet post. Even though I’m slightly embarrassed at my old photography (yikes), at least I can see an improvement over the years :] You are one beautiful mama and I love you!!

  3. Gorgeous shots as always…but then again, Nancy has a beautiful subject! Love your precious baby girl’s name and what it represents. The shot with her name is so creative, and I love the one of the top view of your tummy, as you see it! Treasure every moment, even though I know it has to be tough with 4 little ones to care for. Praying for you!

  4. Oh, Mary Lindsey, I love her name and I love these pictures! Nancy did such a great job. My favorite is the one of you in the field laughing. I love it! Beautiful!!!!

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