Little Stories

Tonight Chris and I went to a wedding.  It was so much fun to celebrate Luke & Ally with our precious church family.  When we came home, mom said the boys had a tough time going to sleep.  Warner was very upset.  She said Harper came in right away, quieted him down & said he could come into her room, touch anything he wanted- except her lipstick.  Love that girl!

Chris then told me a little story about Crews.  Our family loves Lara Bars!  Yesterday, Chris gave the boys only half a Lara Bar a piece for a snack. Crews was not happy about this at all- he wanted a whole one. He threw a big time fit saying he was angry.  Chris took his Lara Bat away & told him he could not have one at all if he was going to act that way.  This morning Chris gave out 1/2 of a Lara bar again to the boys.  Crews got a stern look on his face but said, I’m choosing self control. Yay!!!  They are learning!!!

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