It’s only 3:00 pm?!?

Harper has had a fever of 103.7 just about all day long.  Well, when she was dosed with tylenol, her fever would go down to 101, but right around that 4 hour mark, it would shoot right back up again.  The weird thing is that she acted fine – at one point she asked if she could dance.  I said yes, and watched as she hopped all around the living room.  I just don’t get how little kids can do that.  Other than her random bursts of energy, she was a little droopy and tired with sad, weak little eyes.  I held her a lot today.  She was a human toaster.  
The boys were very fussy.  When all of them are fussing, I kind of go into shut down mode.  I just stand in my kitchen with my eyes glazed over not knowing what to do.  I have to will myself into planning mode to tackle what needs to be done first.  Anyway, Maverick’s fever is gone – yay!- but he sounds like he’s been smoking for 80 years.  Poor fella.  Warner is much better, too, but my lands, he can whine.  More on him in a little bit.  Crewsie bug has been hangin’ in there.  Hoping the fever bug passes him by!  
I am tempted to go take pictures of my downstairs.  It is ridiculous.  I feel like a slob, but today has been one of the hardest working days I’ve had in my life.  
And now time for the story of the day:
At bedtime tonight, W & C were screaming like there were raccoons in their cribs.  So, I went to get them up to see if they could burp (usually the problem).  Chris had just left to go to the store, so I was stuck with 2 screaming babes.  I decided to bring them into the play room to see if they would burp.  They played (and burped) for about 10 minutes.  
I got a little whiff of something when I went to pick the boys up.  I changed C’s poopy diaper, then realized I was still smelling it.  
I went over to W and found poop on the floor, down his legs, all over the front of his outfit, on his hands, and under his fingernails.  
I thought I might pass out.  
I quickly picked up him, very carefully, and placed him in the bathtub fully clothed to contain the mess.  I washed my hands & tried to wipe off his hands before he put them in his mouth.  
I had to put Crews down before I cleaned up Warner.  C was not a happy camper.  
 I was just finishing up bathing W when Chris came in from the store. 
I told him he had perfect timing by escaping the poop fiasco.  
Anyway, that pretty much sums up our day.  Fevers and poop.  
Tomorrow is a new day!  Praying fevers will be gone!
Love & Health~

2 thoughts on “It’s only 3:00 pm?!?

  1. I can totally relate, ML! When you have multiples, they tend to be sick all at the same time and it is MISERABLE! I, too, go into shut-down mode where literally I just stare off into space. Jamie will often say, “Hello?!?” But when all of them are crying, sometimes your mind has to just escape to some far away place…Then you come back to reality and tackle what needs to be done. Praying for you and hope everyone is better soon!

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