Last night I went to sleep at 11. 

I woke up at 12.

No baby was crying.

My hands were on fire and itching like crazy.

I put them in cold water with litle relief.

I woke up Chris.  Poor guy was out cold, but I couldn’t think of what to do. 

We decided to google extremely itchy palms/ hands. 

And for the first time, google was no help. 

It didn’t even make me think I was dying .

One statement said that itchy palms = money coming your way. 

Uh, thanks, but all I want is to go to sleep.

I coated my hands with hydracortisone cream. 

No helpie. 

I got on Facebook & posted what was going on hoping someone would help.

A few friends suggested benadryl. 

I took some, but was up 3 more hours until 3AM thinking about not scratching. 

O the torture.

I finally wrapped my hands in cold wash clothes & the benadryl kicked in.

Chris let me sleep in this morning to 9.

I was so excited when I opened my eyes and realized my hands were not itching.

But wait, my tummy has a little itch.

Now my arm does.

Hmmmm, that’s funny.

So does my foot.

Aaaaahhhhhh, my whole body is itching!!!!

Hives were everywhere.

I went to see the doctor & she basically said that the hives were the end of the virus we just got over. 

Crews had some too, but we didn’t know it at the time ~ we thought his eczema was just acting up.

He is much more strong than I am b/c he really wasn’t even that fussy when he had his!

So, now, I am taking some allergy meds and I also have a topical steroid to slather on my itchy spots.

Hope this doesn’t last too long!!!


PS… I hate that all my posts are about sickness & crumminess lately.  I guess it is part of the “snapshot” i’m trying to take of my 100 days… when one family member gets sick… it just kind of trickles through the whole family.  Hope to be back up to par with cheery posts soon!