In Honor of the Wolrd Cup…

Here is a little clip of the boys playing ‘soccer’ with Daddy. You also get an *awesome* glimpse of Harper’s attitude which is about as awesome as the sound of the ‘bee’ horns blaring at the World Cup. I now know they are called vuvuzelas (thanks to my brother-in-law, Will).

To all you moms out there… what do you do about your child’s whining? It gets on my last nerve. I do not want to have a whiny child, and this takes diligence. I know a lot of it is attention seeking, but still, it is not right. I am going to re-read Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Ted Tripp again. I read it when Harper was at the endearing age of 8 months old. Thought I would “prepare.” Yeah, that was back when I thought I knew it all and she was so sweet & endearing (she still is… just has her moments -which seem to becoming more & more frequent). So, please pass along your advice…

Also, after a sickness, do you, too have to start at square 1 on re-training with behavior? Or is it just our family?

Here’s to a great week!

PS… we are all on the mend. I’m getting in bed RIGHT now, and hope to be asleep by 9:45!

4 thoughts on “In Honor of the Wolrd Cup…

  1. Your children are adorable! So sorry to hear that you’ve all been under the weather lately, I know that takes a big toll on Mama.

    Here’s a great site with loads of helpful info. on Godly child-rearing. I know the whining can be frustrating, but with a little work and consistency (okay, a LOT, lol!), you will have adorable non-whining kiddos that are a joy to be around. It’s been a tremendous help to our family, anyway! :)


  2. All mine were 20 months apart and I’ve always said the middle one was so easy and he always entertained himself, very very quite. Well…recently I watched a bunch of old baby videos and he was whining in just about all of them. I must have just shut it out. Poor boy. Never got my attention. Oh well, made him independent. lol! Love the posts! love the babies.

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