Harper’s Faces {26}

Y’all have come up with some goooooood questions for me!  I think I will be thinking on a lot of them tonight & tomorrow!  :-)  If you still have a question… make sure you let me know!  :-)  
Ever since Harper was an itty bitty thing, everyone would always comment on how expressive she is!  I am quite an expressive one myself – in high school, friend’s would refer to me as a cartoon b/c my expressions change so much – ha ha!  Well, Harper definitely got that from me!  
 Intrigued look.

 Silly Face.




The Zone.

 Isn’t this face just too much?  She was eating really cold ice. :-)


And…. wait for it….

The scariest smile ever.

(Chris made her chocolate chip pancakes one morning while I was out doing errands.  Of course she was thoroughly enjoying them.  He wanted to get her picture, so he said “smile” and this is what came out!  O.my. word.  we have laughed so hard at this picture tonight.  She looks so mean & scary.)

I love her so much!!!

Some of the things she is saying now..
– Mama, whatchoo doin’?
– Hey Brudders
-Pick it up, so the brudders won’t get it.
– When asking who is who (brothers)?  She replies… “Maverick.  And the other Maverick.”
– I love you sooooo much.
– She has been able to sing Jesus Loves Me, The Birdie Song (family song), and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for a while now, but just recently she sang Jesus Loves Me *with* me.  Melted my heart!
– Where’s Daddy?  At work.  At church.
– In a liddle bit (when I tell her no she can’t have or do something).
–  She has these three made up words that she says all the time.  She uses them quite frequently if she doesn’t know the word for something, if she if being silly & doesn’t want to give the right answer, or if she needs to fill her word quota for the day: b-dod, gee-gog, and peesees.  (have NO idea where they came from!)
 – When she looks at one of her baby dolls and says, “Know what?!?  It’s snowing!”  bahahah

And its too late for me to think of any more, or to go get the notebook that I keep to write down some of the things she says.  She is learning so much daily & I love being on the front row watching her grow!

Sweet dreams ~

go write me a question if you haven’t yet! 😉

5 thoughts on “Harper’s Faces {26}

  1. What a DOLL she is – she is so you!! :) Can she say her ‘r’s’? I remember being so sad the day that Parker actually started to us ‘r’. He was growing up! My big boy will be 8 tomorrow and he barely remembers “Mawy Wensey.” :( But the mark is there none the less – you were so amazing with him!! We love you!!

  2. oh my goodness she couldn’t be any cuter. I LOVE how expressive she is– she really does remind me so much of you!!!

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