Guess What?!

Yep!  We’re having another sweet baby!
Pic of Baby at 9 weeks
Baby is due mid-December, and today I am 13 weeks 4 days, which officially graduates me from trimester 1!!  We are so very excited to welcome this little one into our family.  I went to my midwife today and baby’s heartbeat was 138bpm.  If the old wives tale holds true, we might be adding another little boy to our gang! (hb < 140 = boy / hb > 140 = girl)  Midwife told me that there are no statistics to this, just guesses.  :-)  I am praying for a healthy baby and mama!  
After much thought, we are going to find out what this baby is.  I did consider being surprised, but y’all, I cannot hold out!  I am sooo ready to know who is hanging out in my belly!  Plus, it really increases my bond with the baby.  I can call the baby by name, pray for baby, and when labor day gets here, it really helps me mentally and emotionally during birth.  We will share who will be joining our family in just about 5-6 weeks!!  Yippee!!
I have to say I’m just now really getting excited about our 5th baby as the miscarriage caused me to be pretty guarded about this pregnancy.  And, I’ve been sick as a dog.   I have been terribly nauseated  since 6 1/2 weeks.  No food sounds good.  I gag constantly.  I have heartburn already.  And I’m so tired, but still sturggle with insomnia sometimes.  But, I’m also sooo happy.  Isn’t that crazy?!  As Chris says, ‘I don’t remember you being this ‘un fun’ in your other pregnancies’….which made me laugh.  He did follow up by saying that, ‘ we also didn’t have 4 kids in your other pregnancies.’   Speaking of Chris, he has been the most amazing husband in the world.  He takes care of the 4 kids, cooks dinner, does laundry, goes grocery shopping, changes diapers, deals with whiners & biters (major issue with the boys right now), and takes care of me!!!  He is so precious and I love him so much.  He puts our family first and loves us and serves us.  I could never write enough about how wonderful he is.  (Baby, I’m coming back – slowly – but I’m coming back!!!)  I will still have rough days of nausea that will wipe me out (uh, 2 days ago – terrible), but I’m also having good days inbetween!  yay!  I can’t wait to serve my family again and just be mama – instead of sick mama!!
I’m also already in maternity clothes.  I guess I have zero muscle tone in my stomach area after the boys and everything has already ‘assumed position’ in my tummy region.  I seriously look 20 weeks pregnant (and yes I’m sure there is only one!)  I dont have a belly pic, but will try to start taking some. 
I just don’t care for food really, but somehow have managed to gain 12 pounds already – holy moly!  I know what it is from – red gatorade.  It is the only beverage that makes me feel normal.  And it’s packed with calories and sugar. Now that I’m having better days, though, I’m waving bye bye to red gatorade and saying hello to water with tons of lemon juice.  Harper now will even ask, Mama, does this water have lemons?  Guess she’s tried a few sips of my water & doesn’t like it! Ha!
Well, I guess that is about all my updates for now.  I have some older posts of weekly pregnancy surveys I’ve done along the way (just a few – not very consistent).  I will post those, too, so I can keep up with this pregnancy. 
Everyone else is doing great!  The boys are almost 2 (next month!!) and are hilarious and so sweet.  Harper is a little helper and big time talker.  I will try to do some posts about them soon.  They are awesome kids and I love being their mama!
Mama with Baby #5

12 thoughts on “Guess What?!

  1. mary lindsey! i just read this! (little behind on my blog reading!) and i am so happy for you and completely amazed! you seem like such a loving and patient mama! ALL 5 of your sweet babies are so blessed to have you. i can’t wait to watch your journey! hugs!

  2. Congratulations M-L. I’ll be praying for you all during this very special time. You are an amazing momma and welcoming this little one to your precious family will be such a joy.

  3. You are blessed! I am so very excited for your family and will be adding this new little one to our family prayers! And you too!!!! You are such an inspiration and a gift! What a wonderful example you are to your children and to your friends! Love you!

  4. So exciting Mary Lindsey!! Cannot wait to find out the gender of your little bean! Oh and I LOVE your hair dark, you look beautiful!!

  5. oh my word! congratulations! i can’t even imagine five kiddos. you are a rock star!! (happy early 2nd birthday to the boys!!)

  6. WOW! Congrats! I didn’t see that one coming at all! So excited for you and Chris. Harper and the boys are going to be such great older siblings! Please keep blogging. I love keeping up with you and I look forward to hearing about the pregnancy progress.

  7. Yay Mary Lindsey! I just read your email and had to come check out the pics on the blog. I’m so happy for you. You are such a great Mommy with such a sweet heart and love for your family. I love you, ML, and am so happy for you!!!

  8. Good for you! Just read all your prego posts. Sorry you have been so sick! My DIL is pregnant with twins and she is so so sick. She is 13 weeks so she’s hoping it passes soon! Can’t wait to follow along here with you! Congrats!

  9. How exciting…sounds like I need to get your stuff back to you! Although you prob won’t need the twin nursing pillow this time! :) thrilled for this blessing. God is good!

  10. So exciting! You give me hope that a baby(ies) can still happen after tripelts! Some people look at me crazy when I say that I want more kids, even after having triplets! Congrats and I can’t wait to hear what that little bean is!!!

  11. I’m sooooooooooo excited for you!! I’m due Nov 25th,so we’ll be close again! YAY!!

    Kate Kolb

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