Family Wellness: Introduction

Anyone in my family can tell you I have a slight fascination with all things natural!  However, I am not against modern medicine at all!  I still take ibuprofen, antibiotics, or other medicines when needed.  I just like to try out the natural remedy first, see if my body will fight, and then, if I still need to, I will gratefully use medicine.

I am learning, but I have also learned a lot!  I want our family and your family to thrive!

And while we will still eat fast food occasionally (I heart french fries, what can I say?!), I also want to care for my family!  I have a lot to learn in this area!  I am not a professional or a doctor!  I just love caring for my family and our health!  It is fascinating!  I hope to use this section for things I have learned, and am excited to share with you!