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My Precious Girl,

Watching you grow is an absolute joy!  I cannot believe how big you are at 4 years old!

As of your 4 year old well visit, you are tall (41.38 in = 3.45 ft) 90th percentile) and thin (33.9 lbs – 48th percentile) and you never stop moving.  Our pediatrician said you have a low heart rate and asked if you were an active child.  I had to chuckle to myself because you rarely stop moving.  With 3 younger brothers, I guess that’s not a luxury around here. :-)

You have stopped taking a nap.  I was bound and determined that you would nap until you were 5, but I only get one out of you every few days, now.  You do have quiet time watching a movie, coloring, or looking at books. Once Haven is having consistent naps at the same time the brothers are napping, I will look forward to this one on one time with you. Right now, I still need a rest time due to having an infant. :-)

Amelia’s Tea & Bakery for Harper’s 4th birthday

We are transitioning out of the ‘trying’ threes.  That was a hard year – we were both defining our roles and learning where the boundary lines are laid in our family. While we still have some struggling days, I can see how sweet your disposition is, and what a helper you are to me.

Harper’s very own Winston

 The other day at lunch, life was pretty crazy.  I had made chicken nuggets and taken them out of the oven.  Haven was crying and 2 of the boys needed their diapers changed.  So, lunch was put on hold.  I usually don’t announce this because it causes everyone to melt down.  You, however, noticed, and did not melt down, but did something very, very grown up.  You put everyone’s chicken nuggets on their plates, squeezed out ketchup (had to get it out of the fridge!), put goldfish on the plates, and then put everyone’s plates on the table!!  Then, you told me that lunch was ready!  You and your brothers all sat together at our little art table. You helped each boy into their chairs and squeezed ketchup refills when they needed them.  You did not want me to do a thing!  I sat back and watched completely amazed at how content and happy you were serving your brothers.  It was so very precious. Are you sure you are only four?!

You are eating much better, too. For a while, you would only eat bites of this and that – your preference was always sugar.  Dinner time was always a battle to get you to eat, but now you are eating a lot of the food on your plate with out me even asking you to take another bite. So big!

sweets are still choice #1

You love your little sister so much and haven’t shown one ounce of jealousy.  You love to help me with her diapers and can *almost* change it by yourself!  (You might want to slow down your learning speed on this one, dear one – just kidding)  You nurse your baby while I nurse Haven, and I think that is the sweetest.  I love our time together being mommies.

yes, we match :-)

You love art work and painting and using scissors.  You love to read as well.  It is fun to see your attention span develop as you will sit and watch an ENTIRE movie now.

You are asking a lot of questions. The other day we were in the car, and I was praying out loud. You asked me if I was talking to myself and I told you I was talking to Jesus.  I had to explain that we can’t see Jesus with our eyes, but we can talk to him about anything. He is always listening.  {A friend of mine told me that our home is our biggest mission field.  We have 5 little souls that we need to show the love of Jesus.  Our children need to see Him in us, and watch our relationship with Him.}  We say our prayers every night together, and you never fail to pray for every member of our family as well as Winston, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Will – yes, Winston comes first. :-)

celebrating Aunt Nancy’s 25th birthday

You just gave up your pacifier 2 weeks ago.  I know, you had it until you were 4!    So, you are officially a little girl and not a baby anymore!  :-(  More on this to come!!!  It was a BIG DEAL, but you were incredibly brave!!

I’m so proud of you, sweet girl. I pray for your heart to know Jesus every single night.  He is your everything.  He loves you through and through – much more than Daddy or I could ever love you.

All my love~

 photo credit -my sis – Nancy Ray :: except the paci one :-)

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