Catching Up – November 2010

Hey There!  Yoohoooo….it’s me.  The keeper of this bloggy.  I am here, just living life more than writing about it.  I wish I could just strap a video camera/blog updater to my head like in those Xtreme sports and document my life.   Moments like this would be captured:

My morning started off yesterday by prying about 20 matches out of each of the boys’ hands all the while scrambling around on my hands and knees picking up about 400 off of the floor.  I had Harper helping me pick them up while I was fishing them out of the boys’ mouths.  Harper kept me calm saying, ‘Those silly boys…trying to eat matches!’  In my mind I’m freaking out, I’m sweating, trying to keep calm, but feeling out of control…her little voice brought it back to a lite level and actually made it funny.  I got all 475 (we’ve used maybe 25 matches) off the ground and out of the boys’ mouths.  None were ingested… praise the Lord!  And you may be thinking where was I during the whole scattering of the matches…in the living room tying Harper’s shoes (our living room and kitchen are connected!).  Those little guys are quick and they work together.  This will be much effective one day. Just right now, it is causing my blood pressure to spike and me not to blog (and do many other things).

However, the little angels are all sleeping right now, there is a ton of snow on the ground, and I should be working out (great motivation for sitting still and blogging).  I am so ridiculously sore after doing my workout video yesterday, that the thought of doing a squat is complete torture.  So, here I sit blogging (and eating 2 cinnamon raisin cookies that I made this morning! Delish!)

 There is so much I have to update on since my last post.  Let’s see..

It was October 2010 when we left off… the boys’ had started walking, and they have swiftly moved into running.  They are such cute little guys and are true toddlers now.  They turned 18 months on January 16th (side note confession: I sometimes forget their birthday!  I want to record July 20 as their birthday because that was the first day my Dr. told me that they would be born.  Then, she said we could move it up due to something (positive) that I can’t remember…so that was the date (originally) that was written on my heart.  Let’s just hope I don’t write the wrong date on something that is important! lol)  I’m pretty sure they all weigh more than Harper now. Crews and Harper might be close in weight, but we’ll see.  They go to the Dr on the 20th &21th (separate appointments now…cannot imagine taking three boys to the Dr at the same time now! *shudder*) update: here are their stats from the Dr – I can remember their percentages, not the actual weight or height!
Warner: 80% weight & 97% height
Crews: 75% weight & 97% height
Maverick: 85% weight & off the chart for height – ha! ha1

Harper is doing well. Loves ‘pretty school’ (as she still calls it).  She has been such a little helper lately.  We had a blast making cookies, and decorating gingerbread houses, coloring and enjoying our white Christmas! But more of that later…

Our Thanksgiving festivities started out the 17th of November when Dad, Leslie, Ryan, Reba, Nancy and Will all came to visit!  While we didn’t eat any turkey, we had a great time playing some made up indoor version of volleyball and hot potato, shopping in Franklin, and eating.  It was great to see them and spend time with them!  I can’t believe I didn’t take any pics of their time here! 

D, L, R&R left on Friday, and my Mom flew in Saturday to do a mini-thanksgiving with us & Nancy and Will.  N & W were here for a youth pastor’s conference, so they were gone during the day, but had time to sneak in some snuggles.

(Uh, yes, Harper still has a paci.  We are slowly detoxing. Will soon pull the plug (literally) at night too)  We had a great time together hanging out.  It is always such a blessing for me whenever we have family come to visit as I have sooo many extra sets of helping hands!  I was able to do so many other little projects since family was taking care of the little tots.  Monday, we had our mini-Thanksgiving that turned into quite a feast.  So yummy!  We cooked all morning, taking turns in the kitchen.  The meal was all ready around 2, and we all the adults got to eat in peace b/c it was smack in the the middle of naptime!  So great!  We fixed all the littles a plate when they woke up.  Family and good food are such  blessings.  Mom, Nancy, and Will flew out Tuesday morning.

After dinner, we attempted to have a photo shoot with the kids.  Not such a great idea – as it was similar to letting cows out of the barn.  All 4 ran in different directions!!  Good thing we had 5 adults to chase!  It was like they had been freed for the first time.  Oh wait, it was the FIRST time!  They can all walk now!

Thanksgiving was fun as we went to GA for a few days.  We drove through the night on Tuesday & arrived at 2am Wednesday morning.  Driving through the night did not help the screaming children at all.  The good news was that we could put them to bed right away & not deal with crankiness until bedtime.  Honestly, the car was a very small and very loud place to be at times, but we survived.  Portable DVD players are awesome!  We drove Tuesday night, recuperated Wednesday, then drove 2 1/2 more hours on Thursday to Alabama for Thanksgiving. We had a great time with family – saw Chris’ grandfather (little ones great grandfather!), extended family, ate yummy food, and let the kids play in the yard a while.  We left around 5:30pm and it was the only silent trip we had b/c the kids slept the whole way home since they didn’t have naps!  It took me back to the days when Chris and I were first married and it was only us in the car.  It was weird and memory evoking.  Friday, we recuperated from Thanksgiving & went to visit some dear friends that night.  Saturday we had a mini-reunion with dear friends at church.  Jo opened her home to all these sweet people, and it was wonderful to see so many faces that we love!  No one had met the boys yet, so while very over-stimulating to the boys, we had a great time!  (During the fun, Warner ended up busting his eye/cheek on a chair and breaking out in hives due to antibiotics.  Poor little buddy is one tough cookie.) We all took naps after that and then drove back to TN that night.  Last hour in the car, all 4 kids screamed & cried.  I almost cried when I saw our house! Yet, we survived and have great memories and stories to tell from it! ( I took no pictures in GA. I forgot my camera)

 Here are some pics of what we are up to these days…

sunglasses that make us look like the three blind mice.

 eating drinking yogurt even though we know perfectly well how to use a spoon. 

It’s the small things, really.

Next up…December.  I should have that up by May.  I kid, I kid.


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  1. So good to have you back, though I still don’t know where you could possibly find the time! Looking forward to more pictures and posts of your active little clan!

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