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Linking up with Kelly’s Korner and Moms with Big Families.

My name is Mary Lindsey and I am a 30 year old Mama to 5! We have Harper Grace (4), Warner, Crews, and Maverick (2 1/2), and Haven Joy (3 months).

Chris and I met at Liberty University in 2002 and were married April 17, 2004.

A quick history…

– Had a tough time getting pregnant (almost 2 years) when I found out I had to have surgery to have some polyps removed.

– We got pregnant 3 months later.

– Harper was born February 2008 after a healthy pregnancy.

– Found out I was pregnant when Harper was 9 months old – shocked!

– Found out we were expecting triplets when she was 10 months old -SHOCKED! No fertility meds, no history of triplets in our family.  My uncles are twins, though.

– Boys were born at 35 weeks after carrying them with out any problems!  Praise the Lord!  They were in the hospital room with us that night, and came home with us 3 days later! Wow!

– Found out they definitely were identical when they were 10 months and had to have some blood work done.  Amazed!

– Felt the Lord was calling us to have one more.  Had a miscarriage December 2010. Had a D&C December 17, 2010.

– Haven Joy was born December 15, 2011!!!  We came home from the hospital and completed our family December 17, 2011. 

God remembers details.  Still praising Him for His blessings.

I won’t lie, our days are hard with this many little ones; however, they are getting easier and easier. So thankful for the blessings He has entrusted to Chris and I!  Look forward to ‘meeting’ other Moms of big families! 

PS  I will keep updating on the members of our family over the next week.  Had to take a time out on the blog as we were dealing with round 2 of pnemonia and RSV – this time with the boys!  I will be one happy Mama to see the arrival of spring and summer!!  :-) 

5 thoughts on “Big Family Link Up

  1. At the beach with amber this weekend and saw you started following me on instagram. Asked her about you and found out one of your boys is named Crews! That’s one of my twins’ name! Crazy!!

  2. I follow your blog & am so encouraged by you. I suffered primary infertility for 4.5 years & 2 early miscarriages, before becoming pregnant with our now 16 month old son. Now I’m enduring secondary infertility. You give me hope. I think of & pray for you & your family often. Your blog is such a blessing to me! Thank you!

  3. Your family is precious!!! I am a momma of 4, KK (4yr) Carter&Bryce (2yr) and Austin (1yr)…I love hearing about other mom’s crazy days LOL!! I can’t wait to follow along :) Hope everyone is feeling better!

  4. Mandy,
    27 year old mama of 4. Ansleigh and Sophia (4 years old), Alyssa (2 1/2), and ELi (13 months).

    Quick history:
    Sophia was born in March 2008 and Eli (who was carefully planned to arrive 3 years later)was born February 2011. We were confident that our family was complete with one boy and one girl. Oh were we wrong!! Ansleigh and Alyssa are technically my nieces who joined our family and became our daughters in July 2011. We have been so blessed.
    Not sure if our family is complete just yet…. we shall see what else God has in store for us :)
    Nice to meet you!!!

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