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Very excited to be starting this little vlog. I did not plan on doing this today. This idea has been rolling around in my head for a few weeks, and I just decided today was the day. Let’s do this. The ‘little 4’ (boys & HAven) are taking a nap today, and Harper is at piano with my mom. So, I figured now was a grand time to try this. Jumping in! Yikes!

I’ve recently been encouraged in a Bible study that we are all given a beautiful gift and a beautiful story to shine God’s love to others. I have always been a timid one. I have always thought others could say their stories better than I could say mine. But, I am learning no one can share MY story that God has given me except me. So, I pressed record, and am beginning this little vlog for you.

Who: Mamas of young ones
What: A 5-10 minute vlog of encouragement on different topics that you will probably encounter in motherhood. I will talk about what I did, how I honored or didn’t honor the Lord, funny stories, great books, encouragement, life with triplets, etc.
When: Once a month (hoping to increase to once a week)
Where: At your convenience! I hope to help fill your cup up in the morning, at nap time, or in the evening. Just like you are sitting in my kitchen with me over a cup of tea.
Why: Because I wish I had someone who said, I feel like I’m drowning, but here is how I swam (or sank). We all need community, and this is the best way I know how to offer a little right now.


So, with out further ado… my first vlog…the awkward pause at the beginning is well… funny. But, it’s my first, so here’s to hoping I get a little better over time! LOL! We all have to start somewhere!

Click here if video below doesn’t work: First Vlog Hope Filled Home

Leave a comment below on any and every topic you are curious about how we handled! More than likely it will come with a funny story! And, if you don’t comment, then well, you get to hear topics that I would have loved help with! Love you, friends!

Mary Lindsey

PS… I do not think I have all the answers. I just have experienced some extreme situations and want you to know YOU CAN MAKE IT! :-)

9 thoughts on “A New Little Something…

  1. Love this!! I would absolutely love to hear tips on what you do to keep your marriage healthy! And maybe also how to stay sane in the last two hours before bedtime!!

  2. I feel like we could be such good friends :) What would your advice be on how to support a friend who is walking the road of infertility and/or failed adoptions (as in they were matched and then the birth mother decided to parent before or even after the child was born). How would your advice change if the people you are trying to support are non-believers? Would it change anything in how you try to support them?

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart! New to your blog, and I’ve already found so much encouragement in it as I prepare to navigate my new role as a step-mom. Giving thanks for you!

  4. Thank you Mary Lindsey! I feel exactly what you said, drowning! Bryce is almost 2 and Sadie is 2 months. My question would be how did you keep the house in somewhat order and have dinner cooked? I crash at nap time because I’m so exhausted so I feel like I can’t keep the house clean or food on the table! Thank you!!

  5. I love your heart in doing this Mary Lindsey! I’ve followed your blog for quite awhile! I’ve been so encouraged by your journey. I too battled infertility but now have a precious son who will turn 1 next month! :) I would love to hear about how you balanced your roles as a housewife and a mommy. Also, how/when you began discipline. Thanks again for doing this! You are a blessing to so many! ❤️

  6. Yay ML I’m so glad you are doing this!! Okay, so here’s what I would like to know: How did you and Chris start disciplining your little ones when they’re not at the age of full comprehension yet? Example: We’ve taught Hughes not to touch the fireplace and can tell he “gets it”. But no matter how much we try to teach him not to throw food from his high chair and pop his hand or his bottom when he does, he just laughs and it doesn’t really look like it registers on his face. Do you still discipline when they don’t seem to comprehend?

    Second question on the topic of discipline: A lot of times when H misbehaves, I know it’s because he’s tired and we aren’t at a place he can nap yet (running errands or on a plane or something). I always debate whether I should discipline him in the name of remaining consistent or give him grace because it’s my fault we aren’t home where he can nap. Would love to hear your thoughts on that too :)

  7. Awwwww! I love this and I’m excited for you! Saying yes and sharing your heart!! It’s beautiful! Soo I’ll be thinking up some questions. Of course, discipline. Buuuut there are more and even a chunk of random ones come to mind now. I’ll be back with a list! Ha!

  8. I would so love to know how you handle whining. And tantrums. And whining. Did I mention whining?

  9. What an awesome idea! I’d love to hear some suggestions on potty training a boy and also how you get your children to obey the first time they are told to do something. I’m really struggling with my 6 year old in that area. Can’t wait to hear what all you have to say!

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