68 is my new goal

Okay, so as many of you have come to realize, I have fall off the 100 days of posting train.  I tried with all of my might to stay on, but I must let go.  I was talking to Nancy last night, and she said, so, just change your goal.  well, duh?!?  So, guess what… my new goal is 68!  And guess what else… I just reached it – YAY!  Let’s dance, let’s party, let’s celebrate!!!!!

This past week has been another busy one.  We celebrated the boys party on Friday.  Saturday we had a good time with my Mom & JoJo & Grandy just hanging out.  Sunday morning Harper woke up with a high fever of 103, which climbed to 104.  She was supposed to leave with Mom on Monday morning, but instead we were visiting the Dr.  She had her first case of strep.  :-(  Warner woke up on Monday night barking like a seal.  Maverick woke up on Tuesday night with a stuffy nose that could not be helped.  I had caught it by Thursday.  So, as you can see, we’ve been dropping like flies over here.  Mrs. Debbie came by on Thursday and straighted my house like a little cleaning fairie while I slept a little bit.  We are trying to recover before our trip to NC.  
I’m going to take a bit of time away from the blog (uh, like I haven’t been already). My mind will be whirling with the packing, traveling, and unpacking .  Please keep our family in your prayers as we venture out into the world.  We will be flying with our little guys, and then staying in 2 different homes (Dads then Moms).  Please pray against sickness & restlessness & for health, safe travel, and good sleep!  
I’ll be back sometime in the near future :-)  
Love to all~

One thought on “68 is my new goal

  1. oh my goodness what an awesome little {big} family you have! ID triplet boys… that is amazing! love it! And what adorable names they all have!

    so glad to “delurked” to say hi and lead me to your special family!

    hope we can connect again!


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