Swallowed Up By Life

I have been swallowed up by life.  As I very well should be.  Just busyness with four babes under 2.  That statement still blows my mind.  Here are some things we’ve been up to:

 Harper…mothering the boys, as usual, with both of her hands on their heads.  Crews playing the “where’s Crews?” game.  The other two watching Yo Gabba Gabba (no shame!) 😀 

Maverick – This little mister has been walking for a couple of weeks now, and he is getting really good at it!  I so love to see him toddle here and there…his pudgy little feet trying to hold up his toddle-y body.  I could just eat him up because he is so cute with his curly sandy brown hair and round, chubby little cheeks and big, blue-as-the-ocean eyes. 

look at those curls! yumm!! I will let you in on a little secret.  The sweetest kissy spot is found right there on that little neck roll.  It is disappearing daily as these sweet babies become little boys right before my eyes!

 This little cutie has also discovered that he can climb onto the couch, from there, climb onto the back of the couch, and climb up onto the bar.  Mommy DOESN’T think it is so cute when he does this.  Two words when I first saw this: heart-attack. 

Crews – Crewsie Bug (as he is known around here – I wonder if he will ever know his name is just Crews) is a funny, smart little boy!  Oh he loves his Mama so very much.  M & W come give me snuggles when they *want* to, but Crews would snuggle with me all the live long day if I could.  He has severe separation anxiety if  I leave him…sometimes even if I just leave the room.  The other day I went to Bible study at a friend’s home.  I take all of the boys with me & a precious lady watches the boys in a playroom upstairs.  Well, when I arrived, I took Crews inside and left the other two out in the car while I got him set up.  I left him in the arms of my friend, Kellye, and when I had returned with the other two, Crews had worked himself up so bad that he had barfed all over the floor.  Since I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or just a cry-so-hard-u-throw-up deal, we said hello and goodbye in about 5 mintues.  It ended up being just a cry-so-hard-you-throw-up deal (praise the LORD!  I dread the day the stomach enters our home).  Another little tid-bit about Crews is that he has been fooling us!  He will take a few steps here & there, but knows he wants to be carried everywhere!  The other day Bekah was here and she said Crews just walked across the living room!!!  I told her it had to be Maverick, but I look down at my feet and Maverick was right there with me!!  Lol!  I have yet to see Crews do this, but I totally wouldn’t put it past him…clever little guy!   Here is Crews doing his new kissy/fishy face – so cute!

Warner – Has been so funny lately.  He is constantly babbling away… no words, just lots and lots of babble. (all of them babble- it just seems that he is the constant one!) It made me worry a little bit b/c none of the boys have been talking & Harper was already saying about 10 words at her 1st b-day.  (once again the difference between girls and boys is just crazy!)  But, I spoke with the doctor and he said no big deal…as long as they were saying/signing 4 words by 18 months they would be right on track.  He also said it is not uncommon for there to be a delay with multiples because they create their own language.  Awesome…hope I can learn it!  :-)  Anyway, W is always babbling away or just yelling…we say he will be a preacher, politician, or singer b/c he HAS to be heard – LOL!  He definitely has his opinion about things. He shows no interest of walking on his own.  He will walk when pushing a toy, but he will not try to take any steps between two people, nor will he walk if you hold his hands.  He is a stubborn little thang, but is such a cutie patootie. 

Seriously, look at that hair!  It is styled so lovely with peas or apples or something.  I love how all my kiddos have curls.  My hair is stick straight.  The only curly headed person I can think of is Chris’ mom, Jo…so THANKS Jo Jo!!! :-)

Harper – This big sister has been cracking us up lately!  One funny little girl!  She has been attending a Mother’s Day Out program at our church and is absolutely loving it!  She is learning so much and her teachers say she is a very good helper.  I am very proud of her as she is the youngest in the class, but is completely holding her own!  She pottys well, naps, is kind to her friends, and is a helper!  I think she enjoys being out of the house for a little bit, too.  So, a few funny stories about Harper:

#1- I love that she has started becoming quizzical.  The infamous ‘why’ questions are beginning!  Sometimes they drive me nuts, but I also love that her mind is trying to figure things out.  I was putting her to bed the other night, and we were saying our prayers.  Mid-prayer she asks me, “Mommy, I want to see Jesus.”  I tried to explain to her that we can’t see Jesus with our eyes.  He lives in Heaven, but one day He can live in her heart if she asks Him to.  She said, ‘ but I want to seeeeeeee him.’  I replied, ‘well, we can’t see him with our eyes.’  This went back and forth for a little bit until she said, ‘ But, I really want to see his hair.’  LOL!  She must have seen a picture of Jesus & how he has long hair.  Oh she cracks me up!

#2- So, Harps has been doing fantastic potty training!  Staying dry all night & day!  I’m so proud of her.  She is finally not asking for M&M’s anymore – maybe once a week.  Anyway, the other night she announced she needed to go potty.  I told her she could go by herself.  So off she went.  The next thing I know she is crying/yelling at the top of her lungs. I am thinking she has seen a bug or she has fallen into the potty.  Well, I walk in there and she is standing by the potty with her panties and shorts around her ankles.  I asked her what was wrong.  She told me she tried to wee-wee like Daddy and it didn’t work.  Sure enough, I had missed the giant puddle she was standing in!!! (On the off chance you are wondering why she watches Chris go to the bathroom – she doesn’t/hasn’t in a very very looooooong time!  She must have remembered from a while ago.) Poor thing will *really* want to stand up to go potty once her brothers start potty training!!

Also, that reminds me, I recorded on twitter the other day that for the first time in 14 months we ran out of diapers!  Our church family has been so amazing to us!!  In fact, we didn’t even run out because our sweet Jean (who comes to watch the boys for me on Thursday) came to our rescue with diapers in tow…and she wouldn’t even let me pay for them!  God has truly provided, and we are so thankful.  I also roughly estimated that the boys (not including Harper) have used more than 9,000 diapers in 14 months!  Crazy! 

And one more pic of the boys eating at the BIG table.  Still haven’t made the complete switch over, but it’s fun every now and then.  I cant wait for the day where we all sit down to dinner as a big family & all the seast are filled at the table! 

 That’s it for now.  I finally unloaded all the pics from my camera, so I have a ton of things to blog about.  I just need to find the time to do it!  Can anyone spare a few hours?!  😉

Night night~

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  1. A blog update AND a phone call– You have MADE our week!! Happy Birthday month to you and Chris! We love you!

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