Family Update :: Maverick

{I think I am slowly coming back to blogging after my almost year hiatus!! I miss it, and i miss all the documentation! So, hopefully, I will be able to work it back into life.  Now, finally, let me finish our little family updates}

Sweet Maverick.  Funny man.  Life of the party. 

Silly goose.  Passionate. Mini-Chris – you are so much like your dad!

Independent. Hilarious.

You definitely live up to your name! Maverick.  You want to do things your way.  In your time.  Parenting you is a joy and a teensy bit difficult.  But, you are my firecracker, and I love that!  We’ve had some belly laughs together. 

 You can throw a good fit.

Some of my favorite things you say (in your husky little voice – it melts me):

“Oh mee-aann” (man)

“Inna give you a munchie kiss” (watch this little video to see what a munchie kiss is)

“Whas wong mom?!?” (If I say, oh no, or oh dear!)

“You ok? “- sweet boy, always checking on me or his siblings.

Funny things you do:
You will pretend fall or trip and then start cracking up. (think 3 stooges)

You love to wrestle with your brothers.

You love to give spontaneous hugs.  They are real, genuine, hugging with all you’ve got hugs.

You have the best cheeks to kiss on. 

When you smile, and you catch my eye, your whole face lights up.  I love that you love me so!

If either of your brothers are missing, you always seem to notice first and ask me where they are.

You are a special kid, Maverick.  You have a spark.  You are unique and passionate.  I can’t wait to see these qualities develop in you, buddy.  I’m so proud to call you my son!

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  1. Welcome back! Loved reading all about your little Maverick and I learned something new…MUNCHIE KISSES! He sounds like quite the little guy, unique, special and all yours!

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