2:52 Update

‘And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.’ – Luke 2:52
I can remember several Bible studies, sermons, and teachings on this verse relating it to all the areas of life that Jesus matured in, and how we need to focus on all areas of our life – not just one. 
wisdom – mental
stature – physical
favor with God – spiritual
favor with man – emotional
(terribly brief description of wonderful teachings, but it makes the point for this post.)
I was thinking on this when I was doing laundry, and I though to myself
‘why don’t I update this blog on how we grew/what we did in these areas daily (as possible)?’
So…here goes the first post with our 2:52 Updates. 
Feel free to copy and do your own!  
It really helped streamline my thoughts!
Cleaning was my workout today.  
I cleaned bathrooms and discovered the genius idea of mopping our bathroom floors with old socks.  It cleaned them up so great! I put them on my hands like mittens after I dampened them, sprayed a fine mist of cleaner and mopped it up.  
My Favorite Cleaner in the World!!!
I also folded about 4 loads of laundry – great workout for my arms! 
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Kissed the cheeks of my sweet boys a million times today while knowing in the back of my head their sweet cheeks won’t be around forever to kiss.  They still have such sweet, round baby cheeks.  Sweeter than peaches.  Just yumminess!
Maverick and his sweet cheeks (kind of googly eyed in the pic – lol)
Held Harper’s head in my lap, stroked her hair, covered her eyes with a warm cloth and sang to her while being nurse mommy to her pink eye. 

Look forward to time with Chris tonight.  Finishing up this blog to go spend time with him.
Reading this about the Amish 
Amish Peace
I’m prepping for my Mom’s birthday trip at the end of May.  My mom, sister, and I will be traveling to Pennsylvania to visit Amish country!  While we are there we are going to stay at a beautiful, Victorian bed and breakfast, ride in horse and buggies, eat with two REAL Amish families, and drive through the countryside.  Can’t wait for the cool life experience, but also for time 
with two of my favorite people!
Jesus has really been challeging me to trust Him with everything.
All of it.
None of it is in my hands.

Have been challenged to pray out loud over my children.
It helps me concentrate if I place my hands on
Harper’s head when I pray for her,
Warner’s head when I pray for him,
Crews’ head when I pray for him, and
Maverick’s head when I pray for him.
I sometimes do this when they are watching TV.  


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