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My heart overflows and there are no words to express to my Jesus the thankfulness Chris and I have for the answered prayers. Thank you for your prayers. He has HEARD and ANSWERED us! I have learned so much about prayer over these last 9 months and how crucial it is to our faith. So, thank you for taking your time to call out to the LORD for us.

We left the hospital on Sunday afternoon with all three of our little guys. We had a great time in the hospital with such an amazing staff. The doctors and nurses took such great care of us, and we were able to sing praises to our LORD every time one of them mentioned how “uncommon” it was to have ALL THREE boys so healthy and in the room with us on the day of birth! I love it when God shows off!

Just wanted to let you know that we are home, and doing well. Our first night wasn’t bad. Chris and I did it ourselves!!! We wanted to know how it was first hand. We were pretty tired the next day, but managed. Nancy came in from NC on Monday night, so we split the middle of the night feeding time with her and mom. It worked out well!

Monday we had to take the boys into the Dr’s for a little visit to get weight and jaundice checks. They are fine on the jaundice – still a little yellow, but nothing to be alarmed about. Their weights turned out to be fine. They are slowing down on losing weight, so hopefully we should start seeing an increase soon. Their little appetites are picking up, so next week at the doctor, our boys should be a little heavier!

They are just absolutely the tiniest and sweetest little ones. I am swimming in a sea of love crazy post-partum hormones! I am so happy to be a momma to boys! Every time I walk by their crib or pack-n-play, I look in and can’t believe those 3 babies are mine… much less… how in the world did they fit in my tummy?!?!

I have several things I want to blog about, and hopefully will be able to before they become jumbled in my memory. (I’m making this list mainly so I won’t forget all I want to say!)
– Visitors we had during pregnancy (I never finished that one)
– The Night Before Triplets
– Their Birth Story (not graphic, just what I remember)
– My Hospital Stay
– Coming Home Day
– Our First Night

These will come in time. Oh, along with pictures of the nursery. It is still a work in progress as Mom is living in it right now. The boys sleep in a crib in our room right now, so it works out well.

Here are some pictures of our first few days home :-)

The Blanton Six

Maverick, Crews, Warner

Harper taking a peek at “babies” (as she calls them). She has been doing great adjusting. When we are feeding them, she comes over and gives them kisses on their heads – even without being asked to. I held up Crews to her yesterday when his eyes were open. I told her that he wanted to say hi and that he loved her. She just looked at his little face, said “awwwww”, and then reached to hug him. It was so cute to see her (what now seems to be gigantic) little hands and body completely engulf this little guy. I can’t wait to see them grow up together.

Harper loving on Daddy & playing with him

Our 3 little Gnomes :-)

A glimpse of Grandma Dee Dee feeding, and of another baby resting in the pack n play

Harper, Dadda, and a baby (i don’ know which one – hah – i have to see their faces)

Snuggly Brothers

22 thoughts on “WE ARE HOME!!!

  1. Congrats they are beautiful. My name is Nicole, I’m a friend of Karyn’s. I think she gave you my info in case you need any help. I”m a NICU nurse and would love to help with whatever you need.

  2. Can’t wait for all the stories and personalities to emerge. Glad you and the family are doing so well. What a testament . . .

  3. ML they are so beautiful! The workings of Gods are so truly amazing! Harper is going to be a wonderful big sister and those little men are lucky to have such a loving and faithful family to grow into!

  4. Glad you are home! And I love that you are also using this life experience as an opportunity to testify as to the greatness of God!

    Another blog topic for you: Do you breastfeed at all, do you pump or do you use formula only. This is purely out of interest sake – I have never fed three babies at once!

  5. WOW! I am sitting here having tears of JOY come down my face for you! The Lord is amazing!!!! His goodness overflows. Can’t wait to hear more! Big hugs for your family!!!
    -stephanie t.

  6. I am in awe of what God has done. Wow. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…you all are an inspiration! Love you!

  7. They are so precious!!! I love reading every word of you post and can’t wait to watch them grow up through your blog. You have been and will continue to be in our prayers!!!! I just love the last picture of three of them asleep so close together….As I always say….that’s a framer!

  8. sweet snuggly brothers. I LOVE it! and YES to the help, I would absolutely just love to be a help. Call me anytime, sweet friend! :)

  9. awwww— they are precious and Harper is going to be a GREAT big sister! God is amazing in the wonderful things he does! I am so glad your boys were as healthy as they were!


  10. ML, I am so thankful with you! and wow, wonderwoman, a post up less than week after your babies arrived!!! We will keep on praying and thanking and being excited with you. Lots of love, Miriah

  11. Congratulations!!! The boys are adorable, as is your whole family together. What fun, sleepless nights, challenges and adventures are ahead! Of course that said, it’s best to just take one day (and night) at a time. =)

    Blessings from a reader [living with 21 babies] in Bolivia,

  12. I love the family photo – WOW. Completely amazing, I can’t get over it. The Blanton family is the coolest ever :-)

    hahahahaha, Lindsey, what in the world in on TV in that photo?

  13. I praise God with you that you are home with 3 healthy little boys!!!! He did show off, and you are giving Him all the glory!

    The one of the three of them spooning in the packnplay brings back such memories of when my two were little. You are beginning to see all the blessings that multiples are!!!!

    Continuing to pray for you and praise God with you!

  14. They are too precious for words!! That picture of Harper peeking over at them is absolutely adorable and I love that last picture of the three of them snuggling!

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