upside down

is how my life feels right now. I am a person who thrives on order. Everything is so very crazy with this move right now. My life is in piles and boxes. And guess what I am doing? Getting ready to go on vacation to Georgia (celebrating Chris’ Dad’s birthday). Am I crazy?!?!

Well, sort of vacation, being that I will have others to help me with Harper (which is very welcomed!) However, when you have a baby, vacation is out of sight for a few years. The problem is sleeping. Sleeping = vacation to me. So, sleeping this weekend may be a little bit of an issue (no vacation), because Harper is a homebody! She likes her crib, her sounds and smells, her routine. She is an orderly child.

So, say a prayer for me that I don’t come back completely wiped out from this trip. I need energy and focus because we have so much to do.

While I’m on here… let me find some pictures to share with yall of my sweet darlin’…

Playing on the bed

Trying so hard to crawl

Laughing at herself

She loves loves loves bathtime

Playing with Daddy

Not so sure about prunes,Mom (I’m not either, baby!!!)

Our sweet little cupcake

Me and My Girl

Where she spends most of her time at the townhouse… in baby jail

She loves sweet potatoes!!!

How I find her in the mornings

And last but not least… a funny little clip of her “helping” me with dinner. I tell her she is helping mommy when she plays while I cook. Couldn’t you just eat her with a spoon? Oh, and while she may sound like she is pooping… it is just her deep concentration voice – charming, isn’t it? I hope she grows out of the growling phase before kindergarten…(Oh , you will have to turn your head to the side, to watch it because I don’t know how to turn the video up and down. So sorry.

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  1. OH MY WORD!! the harps is so big and is sitting up like a champ! aunt nancy seriously needs to see her niece soon! give her a kiss for me!

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