Today’s Craziness

So, today was one of the craziest days we’ve had in a long time. Every day has a dash of craziness thrown in, but today was just insane.  If you follow me on Twitter, you read most of it.  But, I wanted to do a little recap for the blog.  I know one day I will look back on this and laugh. I actually laughed a lot today – mostly out of disbelief something else was happening. 

The morning started off weird b/c everyone slept in!  That was great!  Then it just went crazy from there.  Crews and Warner started fighting in the hallway while I was doing laundry. I hear Harper scream and say Oh No!!! She is quite dramatic. Crews had somehow busted Warner’s lip and he was bleeding everywhere.  I got him cleaned up. No big deal. 

Then, before lunch we were listening to Christmas music and coloring.  Everyone was doing so well.  I was fixing lunch while it was so peaceful.  When I go to deliver plates to everyone, Maverick is sitting there chomping away on a red crayon.  He had already eaten half of it!  Guess he didn’t want to wait for lunch!  Lol!  It was disgusting though, red wax all in his teeth and red drool all down his shirt.  Definitely looked like a vampire. 

The boys were constantly fighting today.  Crews wound up in time out more times then I could count!  He has always been passive with the other two, but boy oh boy, the last two weeks his little fighter has come out and he is quite aggressive. 

Once naptime arrived I thought I was going to catch a break.  Well, Harper went to the bathroom and called me to come help her.  Right as I got there, she told me she was going to spray some bathroom spray.  Before I knew it she was screaming like crazy.  She had sprayed it right in her eye!  The next 20 minutes were quite crazy as she was crying and crying.  i know that had to hurt!  I flushed her eye with water, much to her dismay, and that seemed to help some. 

She went down for her nap, and I finished some laundry and then got to lay down for about 15 minutes before she was screaming from a dream.  She slept for a total of about 45 minutes.  Oh well. 

Once the boys were up, we had snacks, and everyone was happy.  I started dinner, and Harper helped me make some oatmeal raisin cookies.  Some how between putting cookies in the over & managing dinner, Maverick finds the trash and helps himself to an egg shell!  Awesome!  I am praying praying praying that he does not get salmonella!  At this point Chris gets home!  Yay!  Back up!!

We eat dinner, then the boys go upstairs to play.  Chris was busy doing something & I hear an awful cry.  I run upstairs and Maverick is bleeding everywhere!  He had busted his lip!!!!  I laugh at this point – REALLY!?  

Finally it is bedtime for the boys and some relief is in sight! Chris takes Harper’s bedtime routine and I get in the bath!  Aaah!! And, for my children to know one day, I am not complaining when I write this!  I wouldn’t have wanted to spend today anywhere but here – even if I did feel like I was losing my mind! :-) I just really want to record these details so I can tell them stories about the stuff they did when they were little!  hah! 

Here’s to an easier tomorrow!

PS… Baby girl just kicked so hard she made my tummy jump!  Chris, also, got to feel a good hard kick tonight! Grow little one, grow! 21 weeks

8 thoughts on “Today’s Craziness

  1. Its been a while since you posted and I wanted to check in on you! I hope you’re doing well. Please update – I miss your posts.

  2. Mary Lindsey, I had not even read this when I sent you the text about “wildlife” …. you really had a wildlife day and I did not even know it! Love you,
    Sarah H.

  3. Oh ML, I’m not sure if I would’ve cried or laughed at that kind of day! Glad you got a warm bath at the end of it all though!

  4. TOO FUNNY! I’m sure not so funny at times, for you, but it makes me smile! God bless you-and Chris-but especially you!:) The crayon and egg shell is classic. Makes me not feel so bad that my kids get into crazy things and get knocked around a bit;) Love you girl!

  5. Wow I am tired reading all about your day. Sounds to me like you were a referee, nurse, chef, art teacher, mommy, and wife today, quite the accomplishment! Glad you got that well deserved bath and sure hope you added some bubbles, candles and soft music!

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