To My Girl…

Dear Harper,

You are sweetly sleeping in your pack-n-play this morning. You fought going to sleep last night, but once you fell asleep – at 12:30am- you slept until 6 am, woke up, ate some breakfast ;), went back to sleep, and you are still sleeping – it is 10:15, now.

The last few days have been kind of draining, and I’ve wanted a break – actually, just needed more sleep. You have fed a lot more often, and have been crying a little more- my guess is that you are going through a growth spurt.

I admit that because now that you are asleep, I cannot wait for you to wake up! I miss you. Whenever I think I want a break for a moment, and then I get that break, I miss you terribly. I want to be with you even if you are crying or won’t go to sleep or if you have just pooped all over the changing table. You are so very precious to me, and i am so blessed to be your mama.

Please wake up! I can’t wait to see you smile, hear you laugh, comfort you when you cry, and fill your empty tummy!

I love you,

2 thoughts on “To My Girl…

  1. I so appreciated the words that you shared with me both in person and on my blog! My only regret is not getting to spend more time with you all before you moved! Thank you for allowing me to see the gift at the end of it all. I know in my heart it will be worth it all. It’s just telling the part of me that has fears to overcome and accept that the Lord will provide and get me through this too. I keep hearing the song “your grace is enough,” and continues to convict me each time that I desire so much more!!! Selfish flesh in the way again. Glad to know there are those who have gone before me that pray for me and can relate with my fears and desires to “poke eyes” out of those who think this process was so easy and “FUN!!”
    Love you!

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