The Monday Blues

(I decided to post this afterall… I remember why I didn’t.. I was trying to find my old license picture to post & compare my old pic with my new pic. But, it is somewhere in my office pile-o-stuff. I will probably find it this weekend during my clean out project!)

Well, I usually LOVE Mondays. I have a new start to the week, we’re back on schedules after weekends usually disrupt them, but yesterday, was a Monday I didn’t like!

The day started with me attempting to become an official Tennessean. You may be thinking… haven’t you lived there for almost a year?!?! Well, we’ve been meaning to get our driver’s licenses changed for a while, but we couldn’t. We had to have two pieces of *official* mail with our new address on it saying we lived here. Since the church was responsible for our apartment, we received no bills for the time we were in it. So we were still unofficial. (You may be thinking – no bills for almost 9 months…delightful! Uh, not true – we still have our *empty* house in GA that we are paying for!!)

So, now that we are in our VERY OWN place, we had to make the change. AND, yesterday was the LAST DAY to register to vote(which you can do at the DMV)! I wanted to be an upstanding citizen and not skip out on the election, so off the DMV I went. Well, Chris offered to stay home with Harper while I got ready and then went to get DL. Mind you, (and as shallow as it may sound), it takes much effort to have a good looking DL picture! I always got many compliments on my last picture, so I had much to live up to. (oh the silly pressures we put on ourselves – you know you do it too!) Anyhoo, after I tried on 3 shirts, put on makeup, and did my hair, I was out the door. I had all my documents, and was ready to become official.

As I arrived, I noticed the line was out the door, but I decided to stand in it anyway. After about 10 minutes, it was my turn. I had my SS Card, my GA DL, and 4 pieces of mail (you only needed 2) to prove I live in TN now. The girl checks me off, gives me a number and a form to fill out. I waited about 45 minutes when my number was finally called! Yippee. I had already re-applied my lipstick so I would be ready for the picture when it was time. I walked up to the counter and handed over my form along with all my ID & 4 pieces of mail.

The man looks through all of it, and says in his sweetest voice (NOT!): “Uh, you don’t have a birth certificate or passport here.”

Me: Well, the lady who checked me in said I had all I needed.

Man: Well, you don’t.

Me: Well, I have my SS card and my marriage license… don’t those count.

Man: No.

Me: Okay, well what do I do?

Man: Go home & get your birth certificate.

Me: Okay. Do I get to skip up to the front of line when I come back?

Man: NO.

(hey, didn’t hurt to ask)

Man, I was bummed out! I drove home and vented to a dear friend most of the way. Once I got home, I sent Chris to work. Harper had just woken up from her nap when I walked through the door. Our afternoon was okay, but I didn’t get much done because little one was clingy and didn’t want me leaving her. I put her down for her nap at 3:30.

Chris came home at 3:45 so that I could attempt the DMV once again. I was determined to vote! I had everything this time – except my *polished* look. An afternoon with a teething (almost) 8 month old somehow takes that away :-). However, I successfully achieved my goal of a TN DL!

Once I got home, Chris said that Harper had woken up at 5:00 screaming. Oh joy! Well, she proceeded these screaming/crying fits every 10 minutes from 5-10pm. She would cry really hard while rubbing her left eye for about 5 minutes. Then be calm and happy for 5 minutes, only to start it up again. It was so strange. Her eyes were pretty swollen last night, and her little cheeks were all red. I called the DR and they thought it might be an ear infection, and told me to bring her in in the morning. One thing I’ve figured out though, is when my baby is sick, I am quite dramatic. This is something I will plan on working on the next time around, but I hope that won’t be for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time. It was terrible. She finally zonked out on Chris at 10:00 and we put her to bed after a bottle w/ motrin. She did fine! Slept the whole night. I called a friend of mine last night to see what I should do with Harper. After we spoke, she texted me this…

“U are a great mom! As good of parents as u are, don’t forget the true Parent that holds your sweet baby. Thankfully He knows exactly what she needs and will lead her mommy – trust Him. In all the world, you were chosen as the best mommy for harps.”

That was so comforting to be reminded of that. The Lord does know what is best for my baby. After all, she really is HIS baby, not mine.

So, after my stressful & draining day, we have had a much better Tuesday! So thankful that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning! Great is His Faithfulness!