I have a new goal! To sit and blog every Sunday :-) I will try to do several posts so then I can publish them through out the week. Hopefully, this will be a way I can record all that is going on in our lives!!

For now, it is Sunday morning and I have enjoyed being here by myself. I got up at 6:30 and fed the boys with Chris. They had some good play time until 8:15 when I put them down for their morning nap. I also went back to sleep for a bit. It was wonderful! I fed them at 10 by myself and enjoyed one on three time with them. I got to snuggle and sing to each one of them, and received lots of smiles in return!

Nancy, Will, and my Mom came to visit us last week. They took Harper with them to visit Boone, Raleigh, and Clinton for the week. She has had so much fun at my Mom’s new house (Mama Dot’s house, the house my mom grew up in). She has been playing with Shakie (my old cat) a lot. She also went to visit my Aunt Susan – who lives in walking distance of my mom. Everytime I talk to her on video chat, she has been running around like crazy. She has so much energy and is a full blown toddler – into EVERYTHING! I think tonight she is going to be visiting my Dad, Leslie, Ryan, and Reba. I know they will have fun with her. She is getting good and spoiled. I’m glad she is getting some love all by herself. I miss her so much!!!!! I can’t wait for her to get home!

The boys are doing well…getting sooo big! They turned 3 months on Friday! The big news is that they are beginning to sleep through the night! Last night Maverick and Warner slept from 8pm – 6:30am, and Crews woke up at 2am for a little snack. He spit up most of his bottle at the 7pm feeding, so I was prepared that he would wake up. All three have yet to sleep through at the same time, but we know it is around the corner! They are such good babies and are smiling all the time now!

Warner, Crews, and Maverick (below)…my little duckies
and their big sister Harper laughing with me :-)
PS… go check out the identicals? update… I put who is who :-)

4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. They are getting so big…and they are so handsome! We are getting our family picture made with nancy on the 31st…even my parents and Clay’s family. We can’t wait. I can’t wait to see her pictures from her visit with you. I am sure they are beautiful just like your family!!

  2. Oh Mary Lindsey – those 3 boys are just a beautiful sight – and it is like you can almost hear Harper giggle when you look at her face. I know these days are crazy but filled with lots of fun times too. Miss you,

  3. Oh, I’d love more blog posts from you to know how you are doing! I think of you all the time! I am so excited that they are sleeping through the night and getting so big:) So many blessings!!!

  4. I need to figure out the early morning thing! I love your pictures of the boys, but the best is of you and Harper, so very sweet! It is so encouraging to think that Beatrice might be interested in sleeping through in a month! love you and praying for your family!

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