Soon to Be Big Sister

I have tried to post soooo many things about Harper, but I keep on wanting to add to the list because she is learning so much every single day. Then it takes me forever to actually finish the post b/c it is hard to type w/ the belly. Anyway, excuses excuses…

I will type what I can, and then try to keep up with the blog much more! (In all my free time…haha)

She is our joy – happy and content – really an easy baby-almost-toddler. She is so funny, and always makes us laugh. She has been quite a busy girl this past month… with visits to her grandparents and family visiting us.

The second week of June she traveled to Georgia with JoJo (Doe Doe) and Grandy (Nandy) since last Friday. She went to her first VBS at North Metro First Baptist. I was sad and worried because it was the first time we’ve been apart. The first day and night were difficult for me, but once I heard she was sleeping well and having fun, it was much easier for me. We got to video chat each night (except the night I was in the hospital). She would always say “Mama” and blow me lots of kisses (without me even asking her to blow them:-) ) She had lots of fun, and I’m glad she got to spend this special time alone with her grandparents. She also went back the week of July 4th to have fun with grandparents. She met many of her extended family at a family reunion, too.

I also wanted to record some of the words she is saying these days… she knows so many more words than this now. She is a talkin’ machine!

Dee Dee (my mom)
Jo Jo (Doe Doe)
Grandy (Nandy)
Nancy (Na Na)
Erin – Chris’ sister (Annan or Ren)

She knows where her eyes are (sounds really country when she says eye – “ahhh”), ears, nose (no), mouth (mouf), cheek (geek), hair, tummy/belly, belly button, and feet (wheats).

swing (whhhiiiinng)
strawberry (bears)
grapes (geeps)

She knows some animal noises, and can identify most animals if she doesn’t know what they say…

Kitty Cat – my favorite – (meow meow meow!!!) she says it with great enthusiasm, and sometimes will just walk around saying “meow” “meow” with great voice inflection, or she will say it matter of fact – meow meow. I ask her to say it all the time because it cracks me up!

Dog – woof woof. We have two dogs that live in our townhouse complex, and they will come up and stand on our porch and just look at Harper on the other side of our storm door. It is so cute to see her interact with them. She sqeals and points, but keeps her distance.

Bird – “Bir” – we have a bird feeder out back that she loves to watch from our kitchen. She will sit on the floor, with her feet crossed (so cute) and point and say “bir” as she looks out the back door.

She loves to eat & isn’t picky right now – I hope it stays that way! The only things she doesn’t really like are – milk (she’ll drink chocolate milk) & salmon/fish/shrimp. We usually have to feed her protein first, then veggies, then fruit, then bread… she LOVES sweet stuff & breads like her daddy does! (I like them too, but I couldn’t live on them… I think Chris and Harper could live on them!)

She also LOVES water… or “wa-wa”. She wants to drink out of my big pitcher of water that I keep with me all the time b/c it has a straw.

Bath time is always super fun. She lays down in about 1 1/2 inches of water, and kicks and kicks and laughs her head off. Mom calls her a self-agitating washing machine…haha.

Bedtime is so snuggly and I can’t wait to resume this routine again when I can hold her… read or wead the “Moon” book, sometimes takes a bottle – still haven’t completely broken this one yet – hope to do this before the boys arrive – yikes… and then she snuggles down into her crib with ducky – her paci, and baby.

Lately she has been saying… “good girl!” (goo gir) she tells her baby doll that and it melts my heart.

Well, I am going to get this post up and going even though I wish I could record every second of the day with her!

Such a cutie!!

She LOVES drinking “wa-wa” out of my water bottle. Forget her sippy cup, all she needs is a 32 oz. pitcher… haha!

Dee Dee and Harper – buddies! (

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  1. What a cutie! She sounds like quite a smart little girl and is going to be a wonderful sister. Just be sure not to put milk or juice in that nighttime bottle…not good for the teeth. Since she likes water, go with that. Sorry…my pediatrician coming out in me! :-)

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