I am snuggled in bed next to my snifflly husband.  I have thick fuzzy socks on & the heating blanket set at the most perfect temperature.  Perfect for a long winter’s nap, but I probably won’t be getting a long winter’s nap tonight… just a lot of short ones strung together.


Because I have the most pitiful sick babies. If you think one sick baby is sad, you should see all 3 of these guys together.  I mean, you just can’t take it!   We took them to the doctor today to make sure it wasn’t RSV or the flu.  They tested negative for both thank the Lord!  However, anyone who saw them just said how pitiful they looked!  Poor guys!

Sooooooo, I have 3 nose-sucky things, 3 bottles of saline spray, 1 hiney thermometer (temps have spiked to 103!), and lots and lots of motrin all standing by to help us survive night #2 of sickness.  Thankfully, Harper & I are well.  Hope the boys are back to feeling good soon!  Hope we get to sleep some tonight!

Chris was supposed to go out of town tonight, but when I called him to tell him that 2 of 3 had fevers, he canceled right away. By the time he came home, baby #3 was running a temp of 100.5 So, thank you my Love for coming home to help me. I hope you feel better soon, too.

Night to all,

2 thoughts on “Sickies

  1. So sad to hear about your sick babes. I will be praying for speedy recoveries.
    Doug said he wants to come hang out with you guys again soon! I think he had a lot more fun than he let on! :)

    and i love that you call it the “hiney thermometer” haha

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