Q & A Part 3 {32}

Q: Is hard for you to always be at home and not really seeing the outside world? 
A: Not anymore.  I missed it when I was first on bedrest – especially church.  I truly think it is a privilege to be at home.  I have the honor of being a mom and teacher to my children every single day.  I dont just write that here and not feel it with every fiber of my being.  Sure there are days when I am exhausted and I want to cry… well, I do cry, but it is not because I want to be somewhere else.  It is usually because I dont know how to respond to a situation or because I am mad at myself for responding the way I did (raising my voice at Harper, getting frustrated at changing poop for the 14th time that day, etc)  Yet, I have become so accustom to being at home, I don’t wish to escape anymore.  I think there is something completely freeing when you are able to be content where you are and not wish to be somewhere else.  I’ve had plenty of times where I’ve wished to be somewhere else, and now I try to hold onto every second of where I am because I know I will never have *these* seconds again.  Plus, when you have to move 4 children in and out of carseats and get all the stuff together to get them from Point A – Point B, then take them out of the carseats and get all the stuff into the destintion just to relax for an hour or 2 to do it all over again… going out becomes a lot LESS appealing!  I know one day it will be easier to get them in & out of the car, and therefor, we will be going a lot more!  I am relishing in the time being at home without the pressure of going anywhere or doing anything.

Q: What does your belly look like after have triplets?

A: Go blow up a balloon.  Let it sit for a few days.  Then clip the end of it and slowly let the air out.  This is exactly what it looks like.  Seriously.  I actually am quite proud of all the stretch marks because it reminds me of the miracle God performed in me.  I used to think I would have a tummy tuck eventually, but now, I wouldn’t have a tummy tuck unless I had developed hernias (which is totally possible w/ multiples – but I don’t have any! Yay)   My stretched out skin is my battle scars.  Plus, I am never ever going to go through surgery for fun!  That c-section was the pits!

Q: Where did you get the things you use to prop up the boys’ bottles when they are in their boppies? Do you have any other (LOVE the homemade wipes – haven’t bought one box of wipes! Thank you for sharing!!) ideas that are geared for parents of multiples?
A:  Well, the bottle props I got from a friend who had multiples and she passed them along to me.  I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else, but I have seen these on other moms of multiples websites: Milk Maid Bottle Prop.  I would love to learn how to make these b/c they are awesome! 

Here is an email I sent to a friend about tips I would give to moms of multiples:
1. Don’t buy multiple swings, exersaucers, baby stuff. Just rotate. You do need 2 of each: infant carseats, cribs (well, eventually… we used one until they were 3 months), bouncy seats (they were great for feeding!), boppies.

2. Get those babies on the same schedule asap! This is how we survive.

3. Swaddle ’em up tight & use white noise to help them sleep. This is key w/ multiples since they will be sharing the same crib & same room.  Our boys do not wake each other up at night if one cries!  nap time is a different story!

4. Accept help… anything… if she doesn’t want people caring for babies, they can still load the dishwasher, do laundry, clean the house, make food, take the big kids out, let mom have a nap!

5. Give nursing an attempt. Breastfeeding Multiples is a good book that gave me lots of advice. I only lasted 6 weeks when I started weaning (a total of 8 weeks once I was done), though.. hah! It may seem like it is completely not do-able, but in the end it could save lots of $$! However, if you can’t or choose not to, to dump mommy guilt at the curb… it’s the worst! (I can talk to you more about this… whew, it was a journey for me… but was I freed from the guilt in the end!  The overall decision was best for my family)

6. Start collecting diapers now before the babies are born.  We had an amazing Diaper shower & a group of Sunday School classes that named themselves “The Diaper Brigade.”  We’ve just started buying diapers again this week!  

7.  Keep a changing station upstairs and downstairs so you are running up and downstairs all the live long day.  

And that is all I can think of right now… hah! I will try to keep a running list if I can think of anything else & get back to you! I really liked the book Chaos 2 Calm (on organizing stuff).

Q: Are you sure, and I mean really sure, that Maverick is Maverick, Warner is Warner and Crews is Crews? Is there even the slightest possibility that they were mixed up at the very beginning?Delete
A: LOL!  I always thought this when I saw other identical multiples, but I definitely know who is who!  In the hospital they were over-labelled.  Then, right when we got home, we painted each of their big toes a different color.  (W-yellow, M-Green, C-Blue).  That stayed on there for a while, and after that, I was able to tell their differences.  They each have their distinguishing marks: C-birthmark on his L shoulder. W- has a little red mole (hemangioma) on his scalp. M- nothing distinguishing (other than his hacking cough right now)  When I go back & see their first pictures right after they were born & covered all in white gunk, I know exactly who is who!  Crazy huh? And the pics aren’t labelled!
I must tell on myself though, the other day, I went to get them up at nap time & realized that I had put W in M’s crib and M in W crib.  If I don’t pay attention, even I will get them mixed up!  LOL!

 And the golden question is:
Q: Do we plan on having more kids?

A: Well, we aren’t sure yet. :-) I have always wanted 5 kids (and Chris has kind of been thrown into having 4 – so what’s one more?! ;-D He originally wanted), 2 but right now it is just too early to say.  Life is very very busy right now.  We said we will see when the boys are a little older.  However, with them being confirmed identical, that means it DOESN’T raise my chances any more than usual of having multiples again.  (If you have fraternal twins, the odds of having multiples again are raised)  If they were fraternal, I think our decision would have been made for us.  I guess we will see how the next year goes.  If I’m not crazy (or maybe I will have to be crazy!)…. we *MIGHT* be adding another Blanton Babe.  More prayer & life to be lived before we know for sure.

And that ends the Q & A Segment of the 100 Posts.  :-)

Love ~