Q & A Answers Part 1 {29}

Q: How do you find a healthy balance between interacting and encouraging independent play? And how do you nourish your creative heart and include your children?

A: This is a tough one.  The boys play well on their own (well, when all 3 are together) and right now, little objects (a ball, a spoon, a block) keep their attention for a while.  With Harper, it is more difficult.  She really wants my attention right now.  I will give her little projects or activities to keep her occupied while I get one task done: sink full of bubbles and a cup (requires a little clean up!), little beads on pipe cleaners, getting her to stack as many blocks as she can before they fall over.  One thing I’ve noticed is if I take time to sit with her for a little while and teach her how to do an activity or how to use her imagination (it only takes a little bit with a child), she will be occupied for a little while.

She helps me unload the dishwasher or put the clothes in the washing machine.  She isn’t into cleaning too much, though.  :-) And, I will say, that I am not opposed to DVDs – some of our favorite are Elmo Goes to the Doctor, Baby Signs, and Baby Songs (songs about a child’s day – getting dressed, brushing teeth, sharing, etc)  As the boys get older and can do more, we will watch less & do more together.

I decided when we let Bekah go, that my children would be my first priority and a clean house would be second.  I do try to pick up and keep stuff in line, but I will be honest and say my house doesn’t stay completely straight.  I want to teach my kids to take care of their things and to put them away, but I know that will come in time.

As far as creativity goes, I love to be creative, I NEED to be creative.  However, there isn’t always a ton of time to do this, so time has to be made.  One way I find a creative outlet is rearranging something – today, it was the pantry.  I did it during naptime, and then finished up while everyone was playing.  Harper helped me as I had her re-arrange cupcake liners.  She played with them the rest of the evening!  I have started sewing and doing hand embroidery.  Harper has sat with me and helped pull or push the needle through. I really like the book The Creative Family, and look forward to when the kids get a little older to implement lots from that. I know that it will take focus and planning to do more elaborate activities, but then there is so much around us that is simple & can be used for creativity. 

Q:Tell us how the Lord has equipped you for this high calling and how has He become your source of strength these last 9 months?

A:  I am working on a series of post hopefully coming to you within the month (titled Our Miracles) about this very topic. It is waaaaaaayyyy too long and amazing for this little questionairre! :-)

Q:How many days a week do you actually get dressed in real clothes? 

A: Usually about 6 out of 7 days on average.  If I don’t get dressed I physically feel terrible later in the day.  Some days it just doesn’t happen – especially when one or more kiddo is sick.  And, when I say get dressed, it isn’t anything fancy!  It is usually sweatpants/ yoga pants & t-shirt, or a casual dress.  I LOVE fun casual dresses… they are functional & make you feel girlie – even if you get puked on.  Also, I try to put on shoes every morning.  FlyLady aint kiddin’ when she tells you to “get dressed to lace up shoes.”  You get soooo much more done!!!

Q:Name one place you would like to travel to.

A:Italy!  I haven’t ever been and have always wanted to go to Italy with Chris.  I think everything is so romantic, and I would love to eat real authentic spaghetti, pizza, & whatever other yumminess is lurking over there!

Q:What is your favorite thing about your hubby?

A:  Physically, I love his tallness and strength.  I feel so safe and taken care of in his arms.  Plus, he has the sweetest scent (even if he is sweaty – seriously :-)).  Mentally, I love our conversations on finances or health or books (that I’m reading – he’s not a big reader, so I’m his Cliff Notes:-D, but he is getting better!)  I love setting goals with him and working on them together.  Spiritually, I love how he is just a rock for me.  He rarely gets shaken by something, and his faith stays strong.  He just has a trust in Jesus that is beautiful and comforting.  Emotionally, he listens to me but also has a very humorous side.  He is a big goof ball & makes me laugh.  He teaches me not to take life so seriously, to laugh and be playful.  It is neat how through the journey of marriage, you can either choose to make your spouse’s differences something that irritate you or become endearing.  I want to always choose the latter. 

Q:What is one funny memory you have from your childhood?

A:  So, I have been thinking about this and I can’t think of one from childhood, but I can think of a really embarassing & funny story from college.  This story popped into my head a couple of weeks ago, and I just laughed and laughed when I thought of what I did!  A little background first, though.  My grandfather (mom’s dad) was a doctor.  So, my mom, following her father’s lead, never let us miss a day of school if we “just didn’t feel good.”  We had to have a fever or have a stomach bug in order to miss school.  And to add to it, I had a major bought of hypochondria in elementry school, so I always had to “prove” my illness… lol.

Seriously, why am I tattling on myself?  I guess b/c embarrassing stories bond us,. :-)

Sooooo, one of my favorite classes at Liberty was one I took from Ergun Caner on Church History.  He is a very gifted and well respected man – an amazing preacher with an amazing testimony.  Now, I know when it comes down to it, he is human too, with embarassing stories of his own… but, still, he is Ergun Caner…. Soooo, on with the story…Dr. Caner had a very strict absence policy.  I woke up one morning with a bad case of upset stomach (and I wasn’t throwing up).  So, at 7 am before class, I gave Dr. Caner a call and all that my mother had instilled in me came flowing out.  (no pun intended) Anyway, I left him a message on his office phone about why I wasn’t in class that day.  I even went as far to say that I remembered eating a bad strawberry, and I had been up that night with several “cases” but that I didn’t have a fever.  LOL… I ended my call saying that I hoped he would excuse my absence.  Looking back, I am soooo embarassed I did that! 

Part 2 will be on the way soon!

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  1. We love “The Creative Family” too!!! It sits next to my side of the bed (along with it’s counterpart, “The Handmade Home”) She is coming out with a third book too!!! Yay! What a gift you have for providing answers and balance!

  2. Loved all your answers! Thanks for taking the time to answer them…

    PS. I love the book Creative Family Times too! Such neat ideas that I want to instill in our home too!

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