New Look

Well, since I am trying to become more bloggerific, I decided to change my template, and I feel so computer savvy. Ha! I know, I don’t have a cool picture up at the top, but maybe I can get one of my computer friends (uh…. Crystal or Leah) to help a girl out!!! :-)

More pics to come. The painting is going a little slower than expected. Our bedroom is finished and looks great! We painted it “Rushing River”(very light blue). So light that as we began painting it felt pointless because you could hardly see the color. However, it looks so beautiful and refreshing!

We have the trim done in the guest room. That room will take 2 coats of paint though b/c it was painted bright blue (if you recall), and we are painting it “Afternoon Shade” – basically a pale green.

Then, Harper’s room is going to be yellow, well “Delightful Daffodil” – this is perfect b/c I LOVE daffodils, they’re my fave! (and you must be happy with the paint color’s name before you can paint a room that color! One other thing, we found awesome paint FreshAireChoice at Home Depot that is eco-friendly… aka Baby Safe! And it doesn’t have the horrendous paint fumes.

So, over the next 2 days, I will be the #1 painter as Chris has to go back to work. I forgot how tedious painting is, and I DON’T like the process one bit! I get so messy when I paint. I will start strong, and then after two minutes I’m like… “Where is my Diet Coke? I need a break.” I guess it is good that we are painting before the floors get changed out because the only thing that is keeping me from laying down and taking a nap is how gross the carpets are!

Harper has been a champ while mommy and daddy ignore her to paint. We can get a good 20 minutes done while she plays, then she starts crying so we will dance or do something goofy while we paint (only making the process all the more difficult). Oh well, that’s okay. It will all be worth it in the end!

Well, off to bed. Busy day tomorrow!

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  1. ML,

    I love your new blog format! And how do you have time to update this while doing all that painting? Sounds like you all have been super busy- Can’t wait to see pictures!

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