We have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

We have 4 healthy kiddos


we are moving into a new house!!!

It was completely the Lord.

Today we are in the middle of a jumbled house but I am completely chilled out about it! Thank you Jesus!

Movers are here packing stuff up & we move tomorrow. We are having Thanksgiving at our house & I am so excited this year’s celebration!!!

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am taking a blogging break for a while. (Seems like I’ve already started it – haha). I will still be *twittering*, but we are going to go primative for a while… no TV, no internet! Crazy!!!

We will see how long it will last… hahah. I will be back eventually. I think. So, I hope that all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, & Happy 2010!!! I will be thinking of and praying for you, all of my readers – especially those of you who have had a difficult time conceiving children. I know the heaviness of your heart, and I pray that this blog has been an encouragement to you. God is faithful. He hears your heart’s desire. Make Him first in your life. Seek Him with all of your heart. He is good and loves you so much.

Thank you all for reading this blog and for commenting. I hope to make this blog into a book one day and give it to my children so they can see God’s faithfulness, as well as, what great people are out there praying for them!

Love you all,
Mary Lindsey

Must get back to packing!

15 thoughts on “Moving!

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  3. Your family is in our prayers as you move!!! How exciting! I have loved every minitue of reading your blog and am so grateful that we reconnected through our blogs! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!

  4. congratulations on the move! enjoy the tech-free time with your four perfect babies…and happy thanksgiving, christmas, and new year’s to you as well!

  5. Oh Lindsey! I’m so excited for you! Moving into a house!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! I can’t believe that you will be out of touch technology-wise because I love seeing your updates and would love to see pictures of your new place- Will you ask Nancy to post some?!? Much love to you and your precious family. Praising God with you for His many blessings!

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