More Than We Could Imagine!

Praise the LORD with us!!!

* We made it to 32 weeks!

* I have had NO trouble (preeclampsia, high bp, gestational diabetes, etc) that is common during a multiples pregnancy!!! Not even swelling – I even still have ankles!!!

* I am still eating, sleeping (laying down!), and walking around (even able to go up and down the stairs)!!! (with some discomfort, but manageable!)

* And…………. (drumroll)…………..

WE HAVE A C-SECTION DATE… The boys will arrive on

July 16th @ 9:30 AM

Please keep on praying for this amazing strength that God has so graciously given me. I am still in awe of all the He has done. I really want to WALK into our c-section on that Thursday morning without any contractions, no water breaking, etc. I am so excited that I am at the end of this pregnancy, and am going to ENJOY these last two weeks of being pregnant.

“Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

And to see how big the belly is…
32 Weeks 5 Days

11 thoughts on “More Than We Could Imagine!

  1. It’s so amazing what our bodies are capable of! You’ve done an amazing job of carrying and caring for your boys. Can you believe you are about to meet them and hold them in your arms? One of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen…when a mom births her babes and then holds them for the first time. BIG BIG LOVE to you and your growing family!

  2. oh ML! I’m sitting here crying tears of joy for you! call it pregoo hormones or whatever, but I am soooo excited for you! you are my hero! And GOD IS SO GOOD!

    much love dear!

  3. I am totally amazed by you!!! No kidding!! To be able to say the things you are saying now about the fact that you do not have any of the normal complications of multiple births, is TRULY A MIRACLE!!! I have been reading your blog for a while and have just become a follower. Can’t wait to pray you through the births!!

  4. oh my goodness!
    congrats on reaching 32 weeks!
    and look at that belly!
    i am praying that you will make it to your c-section date with no complications. every day you make it is another blessing!
    just remember, the bigger the belly, the bigger the babies!

  5. Man we are so happy for you!! You are looking great, and I’m so glad that you are still feeling good AND that you made it to 32 weeks and are still going! We’ll be praying for you these next 2 weeks!!

  6. Oh Lindsey! I am so excited for you, what a huge accomplishment! I have been keeping up with your progress through this and FB and I am thrilled that your boys and you are doing so well! You already beat the loser twin mom…I only lasted 31 weeks and 6 days:( I was smiling though listening to how big your boys are, mine were 4lbs 9oz. and 4lbs 7oz., they were really big for their age. Hang in there…your prize is almost here and what a prize it is!! You are so blessed:)
    Suzanne Bechman

  7. The end is in sight, ML! Praise the Lord. He has been so good and answered so many prayers up until now! He will carry you through these last few weeks! Praying for you!!!!

  8. hello! i have been following your blog for a couple weeks now…i forget how i even came across it!! ha..but i just had to say how amazing you look!!! congrats on making it to 32 weeks and good luck!!


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